Water From a Stone


Water From A Stone slowly lets water out to keep indoor plants perfectly watered. Made from hand-blown glass and holds 7oz (207ml) of water.

While an Industrial Design student at RIT, Casey Schneider designed ‘Water From a Stone in conjunction with MetaProject 02. Required to design a domestic vessel in glass, he imagined “something that incorporates plants, was beautiful and did not distract from the plant itself”. A prototype found its way to Kikkerland Design and is now in production.

  • Remove the cork and fill the stone with clean water and replace the cork.
  • Turn over and test to make sure water is coming out of the water release hole.
  • Place the stone in your planter with the cork facing down.
  • Make sure the stone is placed on a level surface with the water release hole not obstructed. Incorrect set-up will lead the water flowing out too fast or not at all.
  • Once the stone is in place tap it a few times to make sure water is flowing, the bubbles rising from the water release means water is following properly.