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Admission to the ELC

The ELC admits students aged 17 or older whose purpose is to study English for Academic Purposes.   Full-time students must be prepared and able to study and practice both written and spoken English.    Students cannot study only in written mode or only in spoken mode.

All ELC students are expected to have a working personal computer or tablet with audio and camera features in order to complete assignments and participate fully in courses.

RIT-Degree students with English study requirements or contingencies:  Students who are admitted to an RIT degree program with English language requirements receive automatic admission to the ELC in addition to their RIT admission.  The ELC application fee for these RIT-admitted students is waived as these student have already submitted RIT degree application fees.  RIT-Degree students with no English requirements are welcome to take courses in the ELC program, but should contact an ELC administrator about openings in courses, as enrollment will be based on availability. ELC courses are a separate fee from RIT degree tuition.

Full-time English classes for non-degree English program students: Students who are applying to a full-time English language study must provide a high school or university transcript with at least a C grade point average according to WES equivalency. ELC non-degree students must be able to handle challenging and rigorous courses alongside RIT degree students.  To apply, please submit the ELC application, application fee, and academic transcripts.  To obtain or maintain a USA study visa, applicants must also present a financial statement showing support for the intended period of study. The application fee for full-time English program students is non-refundable.

Part-time English classes (not while in an RIT degree):  Individuals who are interested in part-time English courses may apply to enroll in one or two courses per term for two terms.  Enrollment is based on availability.  To apply, contact the ELC for an interview.  Proof of US residency or appropriate immigration documents must be presented.  Proof of completion of high school or equivalency certification is required.  Students who take more than two courses per term or who study for more than two consecutive terms must meet the requirements for the full-time program.

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