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ELC Student News

34 ELC Alumni Graduate with RIT Degrees

Elizabeth Lamark

May 11, 2021: Congratulations to our former ELC students who have graduated with RIT degrees! One doctoral degree, 20 masters degrees, and 13 bachelors degrees have been awarded this year to former ELC students who represent eight countries. We are proud of your hard work and success!

Here is this year's list of graduates:

Shunjie Yang
Sonia Huang
Hongyu Xin
Abdullah Al Hamoud
Ali Alamri
Mohammed Alhasani
Fengyi Chen
Hong Guo
Yinyue Ni
Bowen Yao
Param Jyoti Braja Anand
Shu Wang
Anh Cong Bui
Azeam Alotaibi
Rifeng Jin
Pin-Han Su
Bingchang Zhang
Yuhao Sheng
Zizhun Guo
Peijin Li
Shenyu Zhang
Bashair Abdullah M Algarni
Fares Mohammed Dahwal
Saleh Mohammed Almani
Priyadarshni Suresh Sagar
Litong Peng
Shiyan Sun
Tianyou Wu
Tatiana Ferrucio Ferreira
Abdulmonim Mahmoud Albanhashim
Abdulmohsen Awadh S Alharthi
Priyanka Ishwar Mannikeri
Vaibhavi Ganesh Raut
Yan Wang





Former ELC Student Bashair Algarni Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society

April 21, 2021: Congratulations to Bashair Algarni, who has accepted an invitation to join RIT's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective academic honor society for all academic disciplines, founded in 1897. Ms. Algarni is a graduate student in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences.

We at the ELC fondly remember her active participation in and out of class when she started her RIT studies with us three years ago in the Fall of 2018, and are proud that she applied the same attitude to her academic studies and has received such an honor!

Former ELC Student Omar Aljaloud Helps RIT Team Win Regional Cybersecurity Competition & Advance to Nationals

March 23, 2021: "Thrilled to announce that my teammates and I are now champions," said Omar Aljaloud, part of a team that won first place in the regional win, helping the RIT team to advance to the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC) in April. Go Tigers!

Read the full story here: RIT wins Northeast regional collegiate cyber defense competition.

35 ELC Alumni Make the Fall 2020 Dean's List

March 7, 2021: Congratulations to our former ELC students who made the Dean's List last semester! You have made us proud! Keep up the good work!

RIT Merit Pages, which keeps the full list, explains, "Undergraduate students are eligible for Dean's List if their GPA is greater than or equal to 3.40 for nine credit hours of traditionally graded coursework; they do not have any grades of 'Incomplete,' NE, D, or F; and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours."

Here are the names of our Dean's List ELC alumni in alphabetical order:

Abdullah Al Hamoud
Naif Alanazi
Hamoud Alhajri
Mohammed Alhasani
Omar Aljaloud
Azeam Alotaibi
Mohammed Alshehri
Ao De
Shiyan Cheng
Zisheng Huang
Kexin Huang
Hanyu Jiang
Bitong Jin
Peijin Li
Hengji Liang
Zeujun Meng
Tong Mo
Anand Param
Hongmei Shi
Xinyi Sun
Yi Sun
Ruining Wang
Shu Wang
Xueer Wang
Mandy Wang
Qihao Wang
Yan Wang
Yixuan Xia
Rui Xu
Tony Yang
Bowen Yao
Ruichu Yu
Xuhang Yuan
Bingchang Zhang
Haolan Zhou





Former ELC Students Mohammed Alshehri (Pictured Below) and Ali Alamri Compete in Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) Global Finals

Dec 18, 2020: "The event is the culmination of the world’s largest offensive-based collegiate cybersecurity competition and will be run virtually through Rochester Institute of Technology.... The free live stream will be available on the CPTC YouTube channel in the afternoon on Jan. 10. In another live stream event during the day on Jan. 9, representatives from each school will highlight the cybersecurity research and efforts taking place on their campuses." Go Tigers!

Read the full story here: World’s best cybersecurity colleges face-off in offensive-based competition Jan. 7-10.




Former ELC Students to Compete Nationally with RIT’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Team

May 21, 2020: Ali Alamri and Mohammed Alshehri, pictured above in the middle and bottom-right squares respectively, are part of a team representing RIT in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), the nation’s largest such competition, this upcoming weekend on May 22-23. "I am proud to carry my university's name with the top schools in the nation," said Alshehri. Go Tigers!

Read the full story here: RIT team prepares for virtual cyber defense national championship.



49 ELC Alumni to Join Class of 2020 with an RIT Degree

May 7, 2020: Forty-nine former ELC students, representing nine countries, will be celebrated tomorrow, May 8, in a virtual conferring of degrees, reported on here: Celebrating the Class of 2020. Nine will receive bachelor's degrees, 39 master's degrees, and one a doctoral degree. Here are the names of our ELC alumni in alphabetical order:

  Mojahed Mohammad A Abuabat
Tasneem Mohammed A Ageeli
Abdullah Nassar J Alamil
Hanan Ibraheem A Alatar
Abdul Aziz AlFarsi
Hind Saleh Alharbi
Reem Abdulaziz Aljaloud
Ahmed Hamden A Alkanhal
Abdulrahman Abdullah Almuajel
Ahmed Meshal A Almulhim
Abdulhamid Saleh A Alqadi
Samiah Mahdi N Alqahtani
Rana Kareem Talib Al-Rubaye
Saeed Alshahrani
Yeting Bao
Hind Omar M Bazaid
Heba Bin Seddeq
Jianxing Chen
Yahui Gao
Hui-yu Ho
Jing (Jessica) Hua
Eyad Hussain
Inamutila Mekondjo Kahupi
YeaSeul Lee
Jiajia Li
Ru Li
Letao Li
Yuke Liu
Yuchen Liu
Niranjan Namdev Mane
Neha Rajendra Parkar
Maliheh Rahrovan
Fatemeh Shah Mohammadi
Teng Teng
Ajinkya Sakharam Thite
Xingyan Wang
Cong Wang
Dan Wu
Yingshan Wu
Jiacheng Wu
Han Xiao
Jinyan Xu
Xianyou Yang
Tong Yang
Yao Yao
Liran Yin
SeungYun Yoo
Wei Zeng
Zhibin Zhou









Former ELC Student to Complete Ph.D. Program in Engineering

May 7, 2020: Fatemeh Shah-Mohammadi, who completed the ELC's Graduate Writing and Reading course in her first term at RIT, is on track to graduate with a Ph.D. in engineering, one of RIT’s newest doctoral programs. After researching sustainable LTE networks, she focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence and their broad application in realizing intelligent wireless communications in future. Specifically, her work consists of developing carbon nanotubes and cognitive radio networks.

"I always wanted to be an academician and share my knowledge and also learn from others," she said. "In fact, attending a Ph.D. program in the United States was a top goal to equip myself with the most up-to-date research in the industry."

Read the full story here: RIT doctoral students set to contribute to health care, imaging and space fields.



Two Former ELC Students Present Work at MFA Thesis Exhibitions

May 5, 2020: Yahui Gao and Yeaseul Lee are among the graduating Master of Fine Arts students who presented their work at the Bevier MFA Thesis Exhibitions 2020. Below are examples of their work.

First, Yahui Gao:

Sitting and Learning | maple, leather, 28.5x30x31″, 2020

Yahui Gao designs and creates work that contributes to the transformation of an environment, bringing us closer to a feeling of home. The circle becomes a primal connection to her work. The circle means being together, harmony and completeness, and all-encompassing in Chinese culture and Asian philosophy. Also, the circle is a form that exists everywhere in daily life, from the sun and moon, throughout human culture, architecture, and everyday household. Yahui creates individual pieces of furniture as well as other objects that share a sophisticated, cohesive atmosphere that reminds us of home and a comfortable and happy environment.


Second, Yeaseul Lee:

Manhole II, 41×49″, oil on wood, 2020

Occasionally, certain things come alive to me as representing something that leaves behind a trace of time. That mark emerges from suffering and it communicates itself to the world outside. I have been interested in abandoned things and that which has been disregarded, especially what are to me unfamiliar objects. I am inspired by the moment when I feel a sense of familiarity with those things that I have not dealt with before and then I sublimate my feelings into art. It begins with the feeling of pity for sewage systems that are not usually seen. My work combines the feelings that I have experienced with sewages and seeks to make them appear more mystical and otherworldly on the canvas.


2020 RIT ELC Global Citizen Award Announced

April 27, 2020: Inamutila Mekondjo Kahupi, called "Son" by his friends, who completed the ELC's Graduate Writing and Reading course in his first term at RIT, is this year's winner of the RIT ELC Global Citizen award, given to a student who has demonstrated an ability to bring people together across cultural and national backgrounds through leadership, service or academic collaboration. "Son has been working toward a more sustainable world since he got to RIT," said Professor Clyde Eiríkur Hull in his nomination.

"He brings an African perspective to his work, which involves bringing together people and companies to make a more sustainable world," continued Prof. Hull. "He has taken a leadership role in his thesis research, seeking out and interviewing entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporate managers, among others, to better understand how to bring such people together to create a more sustainable business ecosystem in which people across the world can participate."

On receiving the news of his award, Son said, "No words can describe how motivating it is for me to be awarded this award," adding, "[I'm] just a happy African child today."

Son is pictured above shortly after his arrival at RIT above from a July 2019 feature story from the Namibian Sun about him, here: From humble beginnings: Fearless sacrifices drive Kahupi’s success.


Two Former ELC Students Help in the Fight Against Coronavirus

April 7, 2020: Celal Savur and Kamil Bukum, pictured above on right and left respectively with colleague Ruslan Dautov, began their study at RIT in the ELC and are now part of a team that created a "non-invasive heart monitor to devices available to assess CV-19 symptoms." Read the full story here: RIT Rallies: Research project moves from prototype to support for coronavirus care.


Former ELC Student Recognized by Corning Museum of Glass, Returns for Artist Talk and Demo

November 5, 2019: Aya Oki, pictured above giving a demonstration, who participated in a special ELC tutorial for arts students, was selected as one of the 100 artists included in "New Glass Now" at the Corning Museum of Glass, returned to RIT five years after graduating to present her work and give a demonstration. Read the full stories here: Artist Talk and Demo with Aya Oki '14 MFA (Glass) and Alumna from Japan finds passion for glass.


Winner of First RIT ELC Global Citizen Award Announced

April 25, 2010: Yibo Marcia Liu, has been awarded the first RIT ELC Global Citizen award. The award, created to celebrate the ELC's 40th anniversary, is given to a student who has demonstrated an ability to bring people together across cultural and national backgrounds through leadership, service or academic collaboration. Progessor Elizabeth Kronfield, Director of the Graduate Fine Arts Studio program, nomintaed Marcia with the following statement:

"Since entering the Fine Arts Studio MFA program Marcia has been an incredibly eager learner. Through this energy to learn and create Marcia has not only excelled in her studies but also greatly contributed to the graduate student community in the program and throughout the College of Art & Design. She often leads critiques with faculty and her peers and has on numerous occasions translated thoughts and comments to other students who speak Mandarin and have had difficulty fully understanding a conversation.

"Marcia has also been a leader beyond her studies. She has been selected by the program to teach various workshops to high school students travelling to RIT to participate in art-making activities. And due to the success of her teaching she also is currently the Instructor of Record for a sophomore program course. Students have benefitted from her knowledge and ability to clearly and effectively communicate both concept and process. Marcia has also collaborated with other CAD graduate students to organize exhibitions, field trips, lead workshops, and demonstrations. Overall she has been a leader in the MFA program for Fine Arts Studio and the college."


Former ELC Students Model and Design Original Creations at Rochester Fashion Week

October 5, 2018: Yiming Cui, pictured above, modelled pieces by another student and Kaeun Jang designed pieces based on the traditional Korean hanbok clothing for the ninth annual Rochester fashion Week. Both students began their RIT careers at the ELC. Read the full story here: RIT hits the runway for Fashion Week of Rochester.


"I Want to Create Modern Furniture with Distinct Arabic Influences"

November 21, 2017: Fatmah Bamashmous, who began her RIT career in the ELC, was featured in a story about RIT’s oldest master’s program, woodworking and furniture design, and the 72 graduate programs that have followed. Read the full story here: Graduate programs offer cutting-edge education.


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