Army ROTC Scholarship Opportunities

High School ROTC Scholarship

This scholarship type is awarded to high school seniors who will soon graduate or obtain an equivalent certificate. Competition for these scholarships is keen, as over 6,000 students from across the country compete for them. Scholarships pay for full tuition and mandatory fees, for both resident and non-resident students. High School scholarship winners attending the Rochester Institute of Technology will also receive a  Room and Board Scholarship.  This scholarship value will equal the cost of a double dormitory room and the default meal plan. Those students living at home with parents are not eligible for this room/board scholarship. In addition, awardees receive a book allowance and a monthly tax-free stipend to defray the cost of living. 

There are two types of high school scholarships: 4-year and 3-year Advanced Designee. 3-year Advanced Designee scholarship winners must satisfactorily participate in Army ROTC. Their freshmen year in order for their 3-year scholarship to take effect at the beginning of their sophomore year.

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Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must be at least 17 years of age by October of the semester you are entering college
  • Must not reach 31 years of age by June 30 of the year you will graduate from college
  • If you are taking or have taken college courses you must be considered a freshman and have four academic years remaining for a baccalaureate degree upon enrollment
  • Have a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Satisfactorily explain any record of arrest and/or civil conviction
  • Have no moral or personal conviction against bearing arms, or supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States
  • Those applicants advancing to further scholarship consideration are scheduled for a medical examination and a personal interview.

Personal Interview

This interview may be conducted by telephone or in person depending on the distance involved. Any travel to and from the interview is at your own expense.

Medical Examination

Individuals selected for an interview will be contacted and scheduled for a medical examination by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB). Your medical condition is not a consideration in the selection of winners; however, all winners must be medically qualified and enrolled to receive scholarship benefits. Travel to and from the examination is at your own expense.

Military Obligation

If you are selected for a ROTC Scholarship, you are required to:

  • Sign a contract with the Secretary of the Army.
  • Attend a 5-week Leadership Development and Assessment Course between your Junior and Senior Year.
  • Accept a Commission to serve on Army active duty, National Guard, or Army Reserves upon degree completion.
  • Serve in the military for a period of 8 years. This may be fulfilled by:
  • Serving active duty, if selected, for 4 years followed by 4 years of service in the Inactive Ready Reserve(IRR)/National Guard/Army Reserves. You may elect to serve 8 years or longer on active duty, but only the first 4 are required. Terms of obligation begin at the time of commissioning.
  • Serve 8 years in the National Guard/Army Reserves, which includes a 3-6 month active duty term for initial training. Terms of obligation begin at time of commissioning.

Hip Pocket Scholarships

Earn While You Learn

The Army ROTC Green to Gold Division Commander's Hip Pocket Scholarship Program provides selected Soldiers. This opportunity attains to complete their baccalaureate degree requirements and obtain a commission through participation in the ROTC Scholarship program. Each year Division Commanders can nominate deserving Soldiers for two-, three-, and four-year Green to Gold scholarships. Units are encouraged to nominate Soldiers under their command who have exhibited the potential for further outstanding service to America and our Army as commissioned officers. The best way to ensure your deserving Soldiers have this opportunity is to encourage them to apply now! Interested Soldiers are encouraged to follow-up with their chain of command.

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Green to Gold Scholarship Option

A Scholarship Program Designed For You

  • Scholarships are awarded for two, three, or four years.
  • Soldiers with two years of college remaining to complete their degree are considered for two-year scholarships.
  • Soldiers with three years of college remaining to complete their degree are considered for three-year scholarships.
  • Soldiers without college credit who require four years to complete their degree are considered for four-year scholarships.
  • To better assist you in the application process, click the Green to Gold Application Checklist. The checklist explains what information is required and can help you submit a complete packet.


Green to Gold Scholarship Option winners receive:

  • Tuition or room and board support
  • Additional money for textbooks, supplies, and equipment.
  • A monthly stipend for up to 10 months each school year that increases each year based on your Military Science Class.
  • Pay for attending the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) between the junior and senior years of college.
  • If qualified, Montgomery G.I. Bill / Army College Fund (MGIB/ACF) benefits.
  • Additionally, many colleges and universities offer incentives to scholarship winners. The Professor of Military Science (PMS) at your college of choice can provide further information on what is available at the school.
  • In addition to the financial incentives, Soldiers receive additional benefits as ROTC Cadets. These benefits include:
  • Leadership training
  • Responsibility and Practical Experience
  • Mentorship of the PMS/APMS
  • Camaraderie


  • U.S. Citizen (non-waiverable)
  • Age - Be under 31 years of age on 31 December of the year you complete all requirements for a commission and a college baccalaureate degree. This is a statutory requirement and there are no waivers authorized.
  • Cannot have been convicted of a Domestic Violence Crime
  • Have a minimum of 2 years Active Duty and 3 months of Active Duty for every one month of specialized training (waiver can be requested)
  • GT score of 110 or greater
  • Pass the APFT within the last 6 months with score of 180 or higher, minimum of 60 points in each event
  • Be a High School Graduate or equivalent
  • Cumulative High School or College GPA of 2.5
  • Letter of Acceptance to School of Choice offering Army ROTC
  • Letter of Acceptance from the PMS of that Army ROTC Battalion
  • Favorable National Agency Check (or have initiated the action)
  • DODMERB Medical Qualification
  • Be eligible to Reenlist
  • Not be a conscientious objector
  • No more than 3 dependents including spouse (waiverable)
  • Four year applicants must have a minimum ACT score of 19 or a minimum SAT score of 920 (waivers can be requested)

Apply Online for the Green to Gold Program

Green to Gold Scholarship program applicants must ensure they are requesting admission to their school of choice to begin in the fall semester.

Any questions should be directed to the Green to Gold program manager at or (502) 624-6937.

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