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WI Course Submission and Approval

The IWC will review and evaluate all courses that are to be considered for the designation of writing intensive. Courses will be evaluated using the criteria set forth by the committee and published on the committee's web site.

Submission Process

Courses proposed to meet the WI criteria (as defined in this policy) must first be submitted for review to the appropriate curriculum review bodies using the "Course Outline Form." College and department curriculum committees are not expected to review course proposals to determine if they meet WI criteria.

Once a course has been approved by the CCC of the college in which it will be offered, a request for WI course designation is made by the CCC to the IWC using the Course Outline Form.

Review Process

Review of courses to determine if they meet the WI criteria will be conducted by the IWC. The WI designation decision is then reported by the IWC back to the requesting CCC. In the case where a WI designation is not recommended, the IWC will provide suggested modifications to the appropriate CCC, at which point a revised form may be submitted to the IWC.

The IWC will inform the ICC of their recommendations and the Registrar's Office of the final decision regarding the course proposal.

Approved WI courses

For the most up-to-date WI-course offerings, please search for the "WRTG" attribute in SIS. For a dated list of approved WI courses, please see this document .