Kids on Campus
Summer of STEAM

New for Summer 2018

Extended Hours
Optional morning hour (7:30am-8:30am) and evening hour (5:00pm-6:00pm) for campers who need a safe and fun place to be.
Girls in Tech
Computing and Engineering workshops designed and taught by students from RIT’s Women in Computing (WiC) and Women in Engineering (WE@RIT).
Computing workshops offered in collaboration with RIT’s Center for Computing Outreach, Research and Education (C-CORE).
Students assigned to a “crew,” determined by the workshop they choose. All participants in a particular workshop are in the same crew.
Crew Chiefs
Each crew will have a “crew chief” – a mature goofball RIT student – who will provide support to the crew throughout the day.
Tshirts (2 for one-week and 3 for two-week camps) and a drawstring bag, color-coded by crew to wear every day of camp.
Custom Recreation
One hour of rec activities per day, customized by the crew chiefs to be extra fun. Each crew will go on a RIT campus tour, tailored to their interests, during the camp session.
More Activities
Optional structured activities for campers between 3pm and 5pm daily. Sign up by week for options that include Tiger Tank Jr, Art Club, and more. Snack included!