2017 Workshops for Students Grades 5-6

New! Coding for Beginners 5-6

July 10th - July 21st

or July 24 - August 4th

Anyone can learn how to code!  In this entry-level class, students will learn basics of programming with Scratch, a visual coding tool.  With Scratch, students will be able to make interactive stories, games and animations.  Scratch will help students gain a solid foundation in understanding programming syntax.  When students are ready to progress, they will move on to the basics of Javascript, a programming language used for web design and mobile games.



New! “How do I say __________ in American Sign Language?”

July 17th - 21st

or July 24th - 28th

In this week-long immersive workshop, 5th and 6th graders will learn the basics of American Sign Language.  Students will participate in a variety of fun camp activities, including games, arts and crafts, as they obtain basic language skills necessary to communicate with the Deaf community.


Participants will be immersed in ASL daily interactions with an instructor and an undergraduate assistant who fluently communicate in ASL. By the end of the workshop, campers will also be comfortable using body language as another form of human communication.  Topics include: the alphabet, numbers, animals, family, colors, foods, and holidays.  Join us for a week with this fun and fascinating language!



Photoshop Foundations 5-6

July 17th - 21st

or July 31st - August 4th

In this introductory course for 5th – 6th graders, students will use Adobe Photoshop to create their own digital works of art!  Some of the projects include: monster truck mashup, face swaps, ultimate bedroom design, and superhero creation.  Students will create their own digital art series that they will be able to print and take home.



New! So you want to be an Engineer…?

July 10th - 14th

Ever wonder what an engineer does?  How do these analytical inventors create complex machines and electronics?  Engineers investigate a problem, then use science and math to design a solution.  In this entry-level class, students will look at basic engineering problems such as reaching, lifting, launching, crossing, and detection.   Students will create solutions to these problems by building machines and programming simple circuits.  At the end of the week, students will have experienced the worlds of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students participating in this workshop will receive an Arduino-compatible board and sensors to take home, so they can continue to work on projects and expand their engineering skills at the end of the summer.


This camp is offered in conjunction with RIT’s office of Project Lead the Way, which is covering the supply costs.

Offered July 10-14  5th-6th grade only.

Offered July 24-28  7-9th grade only.



Website Design 5-6  

July 10th - 14th

or July 24th- 28th

Every day, we use websites to look up information, play games or connect with friends.  What separates a good website from a great website?  In this intro-level website design course, students will create their own website with original graphics created in Adobe Photoshop.  By the end of this workshop, students will understand the basics of website design, how to make a website to wow visitors, and how to use the internet safely.  Students will be using Wix, a web design tool.




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