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Undergraduate Programs


B.S. in Advertising & Public Relations

Interested in a career that draws on your creativity and rewards you for your skills? Consider the persuasive communication professions. The Bachelor of Science in Advertising & Public Relations (APR) prepares you to create persuasive messages for a variety of media. You'll learn to analyze audiences, write copy, select media, and manage campaigns. After graduation you can work in commerce, education, entertainment, government, or non-profit organizations. The prospects have never been better as the number of professional positions in public relations and advertising is expected to increase by 18 percent from 2006 to 2016 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Read More »

B.S. in Communication

The B.S. degree in Communication combines advanced education in the theory and practice of spoken, written and technology-mediated communication with focused study in one of three communication sub-disciplines—Technical Communication; Health Communication; Media, Rhetoric & Culture—and instruction in an RIT professional or technical program related to the selected communication sub-discipline. Read More »

B.S. in Journalism

The profession of journalism is in the midst of a technological transformation. Twenty-first century journalists must not only gather, analyze, and synthesize information; they must prepare that information for delivery across various media platforms:  audio, video, internet. These changes require a multifaceted educational experience. Read More »