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Although RIT does not include music among its professional programs (majors), the study of music has long been an important component of what is considered a solid foundation for the educated individual. In this tradition, the RIT Orchestra's mission is to develop the skills and knowledge of amateur musicians, and thus enhance the life of this community and the communities into which RIT graduates enter. Participants in the RIT Orchestra come from all parts of the RIT and greater Rochester community, and include students, faculty and staff from each college at RIT. During the academic year, members of the RIT Orchestra study the various theoretical, historical and technical facets of the musical arts through rehearsing and performing orchestral and chamber repertoire from ca. 1600 to the present day, resulting in one or more performances and presentations to the RIT community and general public per academic term. Each year specific topics of inquiry and pedagogical goals are addressed in the repertoire choices and rehearsal discussions. Furthermore, the RIT Orchestra augments the body of orchestral repertoire by performing at least one new piece (world première) and/or piece that has not been performed in ca. 200 years (modern première) each year. Thus, the research undertaken by RIT Orchestra students and other personnel:

  1. Is regularly put on public display
  2. Enhances the intellectual and cultural life of RIT and the Rochester community
  3. Contributes to the body of performed music by premièring new works and re-introducing lost or forgotten works.

Membership is open to anyone from RIT and the Rochester area that values the role of quality amateur music performance. For more information about registering and auditioning for the RIT Orchestra, or if you or someone you know is interested in auditioning for the RIT Orchestra, please visit the Registration and Audition page.

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Quick Facts:

50-75 members:  RIT students, faculty, staff, and Rochester community musicians, by audition

RIT Orchestra students frequently among RIT Outstanding Undergraduate Scholars

Nearly every RIT college represented

Perform four to eight concerts per year, on campus and at a number of beautiful venues in the Rochester area

Standard orchestral repertoire from ca. 1600 to the present, including world première and modern première performances

Performances with some of the Rochester area's finest soloists, and other area ensembles

Began in 1981