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2008 Staff Recognition Awards


Congratulations to the FMS staff members nominated for a 2008 Staff Recognition Award. The nominees and category for which they were nominated are:
Individual - Alan Anderson, Jackie Hansmann, Wayne Jenerson, Bonnie Mettler, Greg Ott, and Chuck VanMaldeghem.
BetterMe Employee Wellness Team - Randy Vercauteren.
Team - Zeman Adhana, Eric Bagne, Cedric Bowen, Angel Cancel, Lauren Foster, Merris Gibbs, Beverly Gough, Paula Guadalupe, Howard Jones, Kathleen Kirby, Douglas Oliver, Greg Ott, Don Savage, Ron Smith, Lynne Stocum, and Mike Vinci.
Member of the Nominating Committee - Chris Buyck.

This awards program recognizes the contributions of individuals and/or teams of co-workers whose work has had a major impact on the university. The staff excellence awards are given to staff that have excelled in the performance of their duties and created a positive environment for the RIT community.

As a side-note, this is the twelfth year that Staff Council has held these awards ceremonies and FMS individuals or teams have been nominated in eleven of the twelve years. FMS has been honored to win either an individual or team award in eight of those twelve years. That is quite a record that we are all proud of!