Impact on Campus

Current Construction Projects

Student Hall for Exploration and Development

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Music Performance Theater

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Lowenthal Addition

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New Track

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Major Interruptions

Construction on campus will cause some interruptions to day-to-day life. Please be aware of these interruptions while navigating the campus.

The Quarter-Mile Walkway between Eastman Hall and the Wallace Library will close between May 9 and August 10 as construction crews begin overhead work on the SHED. The southern quarter mile will be open throughout the summer. During regular business hours, Monday through Friday, pedestrians can also pass through Eastman Hall. Facilities Management Services will post detour signs for pedestrians.

Annual Service and Utility Shutdowns

The week following Commencement, all buildings will be without power with the exception of the Red Barn and the Lobozzo Alumni House.

Why it's happening:
Shutting down the power ensures the safety of the employees performing the essential routine maintenance.
How to prepare:
Please shut down computers. FMS will minimize the impact as much as possible by bringing the power back on before 7 a.m. as work is completed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

New York State regulations require the equipment used to produce hot water and steam that is used to heat, cool, and humidify the campus to be internally inspected annually. To facilitate this inspection, the week following Commencement, we shut down, cool, drain and open the boilers on campus. We also make necessary tie-ins of new systems, replacements and repairs during this period to limit breakdowns during the times classes are in session.

During these periods, the buildings may become uncomfortable due to service interruptions. The degree of discomfort will be a function of the weather conditions that occur during the shut down period. Please do not schedule events for the affected buildings during this week.

Consequently, there is nothing that can be done by the HVACR Technicians to alleviate any of the comfort issues that may arise. Please assist us during this busy period by refraining from calling the Operations Center with comfort related calls. We apologize in advance for any less than comfortable conditions that may occur in the affected buildings.

View affected services by building

Fire alarm testing will be conducted throughout the dorms and Grace Watson Hall beginning the week following Commencement. FMS will be accompanying Simplex JCI through all rooms in the dorms and Grace Watson Hall in order to perform fire alarm systems testing. This testing will consist of entering and activating fire alarm sensors in all rooms and areas within the buildings being tested.


After all sensors within the building / area have been tested HORN and STROBE activations will follow. Horn and strobe activations will consist of multiple soundings of the horn and visual devices repeatedly with horn activations not to exceed 120 seconds of continuous sounding without a short silent pause before re-sounding. In the event that horns and strobe remain active for a continuous extended period of time, please treat the event as an actual fire alarm and proceed accordingly.

The following buildings will be tested over the listed time frame:

Buildings 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 47, 49, 50ABC.

Testing will begin in the building 43 quad and proceed from group to group as areas are completed.  

All fire hydrants and their associated water system valves will be flow tested and flushed throughout the campus beginning beginning July 1 and concluding by August 30 as part of our annual maintenance and certification program. This operation may cause some discoloration or cloudiness of the potable water, but should not pose a health hazard. Testing will be conducted during regular daytime business hours Monday through Friday.