Request a Service

Urgent Repairs

Please call the RIT Service Center at 585-475-5000 for all urgent repairs.  
An urgent repair requires an immediate response for a facility related issue that has the potential to cause property damage, increase the chance for injury, or significantly prevent normal business operations.

Work Orders

Work Orders are used for requesting repair services to maintain everyday operations and reporting problems/issues with existing features and equipment. Common examples of work orders include:

Special Service Requests

Key / Lock Change

Request a new key or a lock change to a space that department owns.

Sign Request

Request a sign and have it installed by the FMS Sign Shop. 

Shipping Request

Request to have a package with a prepaid shipping label picked up or shipped. 

Furniture Moves

Request to have furniture moved or disposed. 

Other Requests


Project requests are those that go beyond what is required to maintain the campus's everyday operations. Examples of project requests include:

  • Access Controlrequest a card reader to be installed or removed.
  • Space Utilization Study: understand how much space you have and how much you need
  • Space Request: request for change in amount of space
  • Conceptual Planning: develop a project idea with documentation and budget pricing
  • Minor Carpentry: hanging and mounting
  • Technology: installation, addition, renovation, and/or removal of any A/V equipment
  • Furniture: purchase, installation, or reconfiguration
  • Finishes: removal, replacement, or covering of existing finishes (paint, flooring, etc.)
  • Renovations and Alterations: add or remove an element or equipment; reconfiguration of space; change of occupancy / use of space
  • New Construction: building addition or new building

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Housing Maintenance

FMS maintains:

  • Residence Hall bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, elevators, kitchens, lounges, and stairwells
  • Submit a Work Order

Housing Facilities maintains: 

  • Residence Hall furniture, microfridge, tv's, and laundry machines
  • Global Village, Greek Circle, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, 175 Jefferson and University Commons
  • Submit a Request through Housing

RIT Inn:

The RIT Inn maintains all rooms at the RIT Inn. Please submit maintenance requests to the RIT Inn by calling 585-359-1800.