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Urgent Repairs

For urgent repairs, please contact the Facilities Management Help Desk by calling or texting 585-208-5978.

For after-hour urgent repairs, call Public Safety at 585-475-2853.

Work Order / Repair

Work Orders are used for requesting repair services to maintain everyday operations and reporting problems/issues with existing features and equipment. Examples of work orders include leaks, cleanups, and broken items; snow removal; plumbing, HVAC, electrical issues; general repairs. Work orders may also be submitted by texting “work order” to 585-475-FMS1(3671).

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Project requests are those that go beyond what is required to maintain the campus's everyday operations. Examples of project requests include:

  • Space Utilization Study: understand how much space you have and how much you need
  • Space Request: request for change in amount of space
  • Conceptual Planning: develop a project idea with documentation and budget pricing
  • Minor Carpentry: hanging and mounting
  • Technology: installation, addition, renovation, and/or removal of any A/V equipment
  • Furniture: installation, reconfiguration, or removal
  • Finishes: removal, replacement, or covering of existing finishes (paint, flooring, etc.)
  • Renovations and Alterations: add or remove an element or equipment; reconfiguration of space; change of occupancy / use of space
  • New Construction: building addition or new building

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Housing Maintenance

FMS maintains:

  • Residence Hall bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, elevators, kitchens, lounges, and stairwells
  • Submit a Work Order

Housing Facilities maintains: 

  • Residence Hall furniture, microfridge, tv's, and laundry machines
  • Global Village, Greek Circle, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, 175 Jefferson and University Commons
  • Submit a Request through Housing

RIT Inn:

The RIT Inn maintains all rooms at the RIT Inn. Submit maintenance requests by calling 585-359-1800 or email