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Staff Directory

Employee Email Address Contact
Howard Ward
Assistant Vice President for Student Auxiliary Services 585-475-6011
Karen Overmyer
Sr. Staff Specialist/Assistant to the Assistant Vice President 585-475-4741
Mary Niedermaier
Executive Director, Facility and Retail Operations 585-475-5432
Kurt Ingerick
Director of Facilities, Sustainability & Conservation 585-475-4640
Denishea Ortiz
Director of Strategic Marketing and Retail Product Management 585-475-7009
Linda Agnello
Sales Clerk, Shop OneĀ² 585-475-2335
Stacy Clements
Dining Services Safety/Compliance Manager 585-475-4031
Jessica Erickson
Manager, University Gallery 585-475-2404
Mark Hennessey
Sr. Sales Associate at the Photo Store
Susan Lowe
Coordinator Hsg. Compliance &Assess 585-475-6579
Leo Makosky
Assistant Systems Administrator 585-475-2812
Robin Maloney
Safety Systems Assistant 585-475-5413
Wendy Marks
Manager, Shop One2 585-475-2335
James Nelson
Safety Systems Coordinator
David Panish
Systems Administrator, Student Auxiliary Services 585-475-7062
Vacant Position
Design/Development Coordinator
Donna Sandlin
Director of Policies and Compliance 585-475-7913
Rona Skinner
Director, Business Strategies & Tech 585-475-2936
Joseph Steimer
Sr. Safety Systems Coordinator
Vickie Struble
Photo Store Manager 585-475-2503
Jessica DiTucci
Business Manager/Financial Analyst 585-475-2471