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Imagine RIT

What side of the brain do you use most?

Brain QuizThe Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival was designed to demonstrate what can be accomplished when, as RIT President Bill Destler likes to say, “the right and left brain collide.” The two sides of the brain perform different functions: the left brain is associated with logical, rational, analytical, and objective thinking while the right brain is associated with creative, intuitive, holistic and subjective thinking. Which side of the brain do you prefer to use? Take the quiz below to find out!

Choose the answer that best describes how you think or behave.

1. What style of questions do you prefer when taking a test?

2. Do you rearrange the furniture in your room several times a year or keep it in the same place?

3. Do you wear a watch?

4. Is it easier for you to remember people’s names or their faces?

5. Do you use lots of hand gesture when you talk?

6. Your work desk is

7. When solving a math problem

8. Do you describe yourself as reserved or a risk taker?

9. When solving problems, you feel most comfortable if:

10. If you are presented with an easy and a hard task do you:

11. How do you deal with deadlines?

12. If you have to solve a math problem, which subject would you prefer?

13. Which way do you prefer to give directions?

14. When presented with a new task

15. Would you rather express your feelings through writing or drawing?

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