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Giant Rochester Monopoly

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Community, Student Organization, Multidisciplinary

Giant Rochester Monopoly

Exhibit Code: LOW-1225
Zone: Business District
Location: Max Lowenthal Hall (Saunders College of Business LOW/012) - LOW-1225
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? See age restrictions below:
Age Details: K-12

Join us for life sized Monopoly! Win candy and prizes. This event is sponsored by the members of the Epsilon Lambda chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.

Andrew Greene, Adnan Syed, Alexandra Myers, Shikhar Chawla, Jules Blackburn-Baskin, Tik Ho (Andy) Chan, Kyrie Ciricillo, Salvatore Fabozzi, Edwin Jensen , MacKenzie Thomson , Elisabeth Vosburgh, Paige Glickman, Justin Batra, Alana Bichutsky, Peter Bilzerian, Rachel Ferrara, Jackson Wikstrom, Sam Liang, Manuel Acosta, Peggy Tirrell, Sean Hansen, Kathleen Hagelberger, Amelia Sykes, Ieva Backute, Pranesh Das Purandaradoss, Valeria Martinez, Adit Shetty, Austin Obiora


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