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DNA Necklaces

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Art, Design, Health, STEM

DNA Necklaces

Exhibit Code: CBT-2100
Zone: Technology Quarter
Location: Center for Bioscience Education and Technology (CBT/075) - Second Floor
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

Patrons will be invited to vigorously rinse their oral cavity with a sterile solution to dislodge epithelial cells for 30 seconds and then expectorate back into a sterile 50 ml tube. Afterwards a series of solutions will be added one at a time with gentle mixing. Once the patron's epithelial cells are lysed, the released DNA will then be further isolated by precipitation and finally placed into a jewelry quality glass container. The final product will be a glass jewelry quality DNA necklace.

Rebecca Fletcher Roberts, Robert Osgood, Olivia Williams, Joyce Murphy, Andrew Salamino, Asante Jessica, Sofia Rehman, Abby Melake, Abbey Snow, Fikirte Adella, Jessica Metelski, Claire Teal, Caitlin Pope, Sama Alnassiry, Ashley Bonney, Samixchha Raut, Celina Koh, David Hartman, Emily Collins, Kenneth Nickels, Rachel Fasiczka, Victoria Utz, Karnan Rajkumar, Ma'Kiah Holliday, Valerie Coleman, Lauraane Hirschler, Emilyn Nguyen


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