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Lab Services

Providing support for various student computing labs and related resources across the RIT Campus.
ITS Lab Services Computer LabsStudent Employment, ITS Lab Services Operations Office

Desktop Support

Providing on-campus support to RIT students, faculty, and staff, for RIT-owned desktops, laptops, and peripherals.
Services We ProvideMacintosh Support Documentation,

Data Center and Server Management

Providing enterprise scheduling services
Production Control and Enterprise Scheduling Services

Enterprise File Services

Providing safe, secure, resilient, easy to access, and Institute Recommended storage for all business critical digital data on the RIT campus.
Service Types Offered, Data Ownership/Data Stewards, Connecting to a Department/Project Share, Mapping a Share, Add/Remove/Modify Requests

File Transfer

A Safe, Secure, easy to use, institute approved method to transfer files between members of the RIT Community.
Tiger File Exchanger

Managed Computer Information

Let ITS help your department balance safety and security while automatically adhering to institute compliance mandates, to help ensure maximum productivity, and peace of mind.
Self-Service Software Installation: PC/Mac, Managed Updates: PC/Mac, Self-Service Printer Installation: PC/Mac

Managed Print Services Information

Partnered with Xerox, and the RIT Purchasing Department, let the RIT Managed Print Services Initiative make all your printing needs a reality.
Self-Service Printer Installation: PC/Mac, Scanning Repositories

Network Communications

Network Communications provides telephony, computer networking, and infrastructure for video services across campus.
PhonebookTelecommunicationsRIT Messenger System (VoiceMail), Access to RIT's Wireless Network

Virtual Applications and Desktops

Providing remote access to dedicated campus resources, applications, and desktops, from anywhere with an internet connection.
Access Instructions

Residential Technology (RESNET)

RIT Computer Accounts


Web Hosting Enviroment Web EnviromentWeb Hosting Upgrade Project InformationOfficial Web EnvironmentMigrating personal sites *

Wireless Computing

Accessing the Wireless Network