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Margaret Bailey

Margaret Bailey
Senior Faculty Associate to the Provost for ADVANCE, PI, Professor

Phone: 585-475-2960
Office: GLE/2061

Dr. Bailey received her BS in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and her Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering (Building Energy Program focus) from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Within her college, Dr. Bailey teaches energy related courses, and serves as a mentor and advisor to undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering students who are involved in her research. She is actively involved in curricular development and assessment activities ranging from individual courses to college and institute wide programs.  Dr. Bailey and her graduate students conduct research in Thermodynamic analyses of complex, energy intensive systems such as coal-fired power plants and commercial refrigeration plants.  Professor Bailey further explores the area of Thermodynamics as co-author on a major engineering textbook, Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, currently in its seventh edition with Drs. Moran, Shapiro, and Boettner, used worldwide in over 250 institutions.

In addition to technical scholarship areas, Dr. Bailey is directly engaged in research related to gender within engineering and science through the NSF Pathways Project (NSF 0827490) which is a cross-university research effort investigating the hypothesis that women’s participation in formal undergraduate engineering programs that provide work experiences while enrolled (e.g., cooperative education) leads to enhanced self-efficacy and an increased likelihood of retention through graduation.

At the Institute level, Dr. Bailey serves as Faculty Associate to the Provost for Female Faculty and she co-chairs the President’s Commission on Women.  In her past and current positions, Dr. Bailey has led efforts focused on increasing the representation of women faculty and students at RIT.  Since 2012, Professor Bailey has been principal investigator of the NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation (IT) project titled Creating Opportunity Networks for Engagement and Collective Transformation:  Increasing the Representation and Advancement of Women Faculty at RIT or Connect@RIT (NSF ADVANCE 1209115).  This large-scale ($3.2M), five-year university-level organizational transformation effort with a goal of increasing the representation and advancement of women STEM faculty, by removing barriers to resources that support career success and creating new interventions and resources.  An additional emphasis involves adapting interventions to address the needs of key sub-populations including women of color and deaf and hard-of-hearing women faculty.  Prior to this effort, Dr. Bailey led a three-year self-study funded through the NSF ADVANCE IT-Catalyst program which helped to position RIT to receive this large NSF IT grant.  The prior work titled Establishing the Foundation for Future Organizational Reform and Transformation at RIT or simply EFFORT@RIT (NSF ADVANCE 0811076) produced a detailed self-study report which explored possible barriers within RIT to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women faculty.  The findings were based on a faculty climate survey, a detailed human resources objective data review, and a policy/practice benchmarking effort.

Dr. Bailey served as the Founding Executive Director of the nationally recognized women in engineering program called WE@RIT which is dedicated to expanding the representation of women engineers and women leaders within the engineering profession.  WE@RIT received the WEPAN 2008 Women in Engineering Program Award  in recognition of its vast program offerings and impact.  In recognition of leadership in developing WE@RIT, Professor Bailey is the 2008 recipient of the Maria Mitchell Women in Science Award with praise for the extraordinary quality of the overall program and for her exceptional vision and leadership for the program.  Under Bailey’s leadership of WE@RIT, the Kate Gleason College witnessed a three-fold increase in the number of incoming female students annually (from approximately 50 to 150) while overall class size remained nearly constant.  In addition, external funding for the organization reached an annual level of $400K.  Dr. Bailey is the 2011 recipient of the Edwina Award for Gender Diversity and Inclusiveness which is institute-level recognition of her significant contributions in supporting gender diversity initiatives at RIT.

Selected Recent Publications and Presentations

Moran, M., Shapiro, H., Boettner, D., Bailey, M. [2011] Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 7th Edition, Hoboken, NJ.  John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Print.

Raelin, J. A., Bailey, M. B., Hamann, J. C., Pendleton, L. K., Raelin, J. D., Reisberg, R., and Whitman, D., (2011). “The effect of cooperative education on change in self-efficacy among undergraduate students: introducing work self-efficacy.” Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships, 45.2, 17-35. Web., Recipient of the 2011 Ralph W. Tyler Award by the Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA). The award is given to university researchers for distinguished scholarly work and publication in the field of cooperative education, internships, and work-integrated learning.

George, E., M. Bailey, and W. Domigan. (2010) “Health monitoring methodology based on exergetic analysis for building mechanical systems.”  Energy: The International Journal, 35.3 (2010):  1216–1223.  Web.

Canfield, E., M. Bailey, and W. Domigan. (2010) “Creation of an exergetic based fault detection and diagnosis methodology for automotive carbon dioxide air conditioning systems.”  International Journal of Applied Thermodynamics, 13.1 (2010):1-8. Web.

DeBartolo, E., Bailey, M. (2009) The TEAK project: Students as teachers. International Journal of Engineering Education, V. 25(1), pp 468-478.

C. Marchetti, Bailey, M., S. Mason, S. Baum, and M. Valentine. [2012] Perceived levels of faculty value, influence, and satisfaction by gender, rank, ethnicity, college, and department at a large private university.  2012 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, San Antonio, TX. 10-13 June 2012. n.p. Web. 

Reisberg, R., J. Raelin, M. Bailey, D. Whitman, J. Hamann, and L. Peddleton. [2012] The effect of cooperative education on the self-efficacy of students in undergraduate engineering. 2012 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, San Antonio, TX. 10-13 June 2012. n.p. Web. 2012 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Best Paper Award Winner- Best PIC V and Best Overall Paper.

E. DeBartolo, M. Bailey, and Robinson, R. [2012] A workshop to improve communication skills for teaching assistants. 2012 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, San Antonio, TX. 10-13 June 2012. n.p. Web.

Bailey, M., C. Marchetti, E. DeBartolo, S. Mason, S. Baum, J. Mozrall, M. Valentine, and G. Williams.  [2011] Establishing the foundation for future organizational reform and transformation at a large private university to expand the representation of women faculty.  2011 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Vancouver, BC. 26-29 June 2011. n.p. Web.  Finalist for the Women in Engineering Division Best Paper Award.

Bailey, M. [2011] Studying the impact on mechanical engineering students who participate in a unique series of projects in thermodynamics. 2011 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Vancouver, BC. 26-29 June 2011. n.p. Web. Energy Conversion and Conservation Division Best Paper Award.

Dell, E., M. Bailey, S. O’Hurley, and E. Kohl.  [2011] WE-IMPACT- Women in engineering - Improving program assessment tools for outreach and retention programs.  2011 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Vancouver, BC. 26-29 June 2011. n.p. Web.

Reisberg, R., M. Bailey, J. Raelin, D. Whitman, J. Hamann, and L. Pendleton. [2011] The effect of contextual support on self-efficacy in 1st year undergraduate engineering programs.  2011 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Vancouver, BC. 26-29 June 2011. n.p. Web.

Reisberg, R., M. Bailey, J. Raelin, D. Whitman, C. Burger, and J. Hamann. [2010] The effect of gender on support and self-efficacy and self-efficacy in undergraduate engineering programs.  2010 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Louisville, KY.  20-23 June 2010. n.p. Web. Women in Engineering Division, 2010 Denice D. Denton Best Paper Award.

Burger, C., J. Raelin, R. Reisberg, M. Bailey, and D. Whitman. [2010] Self-efficacy in female and male undergraduate engineering students: Comparisons among four institutions. 2010 ASEE Southeastern Section Annual Conference, Blacksburg, VA. n.p. Web.

Domigan, W., M. Bailey, M. [2010] Comparative thermodynamic performance of a cogeneration power plant using plant operational data.  ECOS 2010:   International Conference on Efficiency, Costs, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, Lausanne, Switzerland, 14-17 June 2010. n.p. Web.

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