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High Index Fluids for Immersion Lithography

UV properties of various inorganic solutions such as sulfates, phosphates, and halides. Refractive index and extinction coefficient data were obtained by means of deviation angle experiment and spectrophotometry.

Summary Tables
Absorbance Results
Refractive Index Results

Chloride Solutions
AlCl3 with 6H20, 50%
CsCl, 60%
HCl, 37%


Phosphate Solutions
H3PO4, 85%
KH2PO4, 16%
NaH2PO4, 16%

Sulfate Solutions
AlK(SO4)2 12H2O, 20%
AlNH3(SO4)2 12H2O, Saturated
Cs2SO4, 40%
H2SO4, 96%
Li2SO4, 16%
Na2SO4, 30%
RbSO4, 25%
ZnSO4, 40%

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