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Advising Services

The Kate Gleason College of Engineering recognizes the importance of providing a variety of advising and support services designed to ensure your academic success. Upon entrance to your program, you will be assigned an academic adviser whose role includes:

  • Support student transition into the university; provide tools to support autonomy and personal responsibility
  • Help students navigate registration, degree requirements, and program expectations
  • Focus on academic policies, procedures, and resources and how they relate to the academic success of our students
  • Employ effective advising strategies with populations at-risk (first year, first generation, historically under-represented, undecided, transfers, probationary, etc.) and coordinate intervention strategies with partners in Student Affairs, Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS), and the Institute Advising Office
  • Support students with unique and/or special needs
  • Collaborate with faculty advisors to ensure seamless support of students

New Student Orientation Information

Parent and Family Programs

Quick Reference Guide to Advising for Parents and Students

Each department/discipline has staff advisers assigned to undergraduate students as follows (see the faculty/staff directory for contact information):

Biomedical Engineering

Heidi Hendrick, 585-475-6893

Chemical Engineering

Vicki Rocha, 585-475-4938

Computer Engineering

Pam Steinkirchner, 585-475-5873

Cara LaVine, 585-475-7396

Corinna Kizer Zeeff, 585-475-2925

Electrical Engineering

Aubree McClellan, (Last names A-G), 585-475-6065

Stephanie Krebbeks, (Last names H-R), 585-475-2379

Heather Roth, (Last names S-Z), 585-475-7396

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Amy Neufeglise, 585-475-6507

Mechanical Engineering

Andrea Tuttle, 585-475-5829

Hillary McCormick, 585-475-5788

Microelectronic Engineering

Aubree McClellan, 585-475-6065

Engineering Exploration

Jennifer Kamish, 585-475-4595

Karen Hirst, 585-475-2971

Advising Lead

Karen Hirst, 585-475-2971

Faculty advisors are assigned to each student within their first or second year.

  • Provide discipline-specific guidance and support, as well as advising relevant to career growth, professional field  and specialized aspects of program curriculum  as needed
  • Provide students with perspective on research opportunities and work environment(s) 
  • Collaborate and share curricular and student information with professional advisors to ensure seamless support of students
  • Partner with academic advisors around student  issues related to  RIT policies and the implications of non-academic factors/decisions/influences on specific students

Your adviser has posted office hours each quarter. You may also call or e-mail your adviser to make an appointment to see him/her at a mutually convenient time. See your adviser before registering for courses to be sure you are on the right track. If you experience any problems related to your course work, remember that the best time to see your adviser is before problems get too big so that the two of you can decide on a course of action to solve them while they are more easily manageable.

Both of these individuals will be available to students throughout their undergraduate career. Academic advisors will act as the lead for student advisement, with the understanding that academic advisors and faculty advisors within a college will take a coordinated approach towards the advisement of students. 

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