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Welcome to the Dyer Arts Center


The Dyer Arts Center is closed until Friday, June 22 to prepare for upcoming exhibitions in the Dyer Arts Center.  The main gallery will exhibit 50 Artists 50 Years to celebrate NTID's 50th anniversary reunion. The exhibition will feature 50 alumni artists.  Half of the artworks exhibited will be from the Dyer Arts Center's permanent collection, and the other half will come from alumni from all over the world.

The Ohringer Gallery will feature a small exhibition on NTID's history. 

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Featured Events

NTID's 50th anniversary reunion will be from June 28 through July 1, 2018.  Various alumni-related events will take place in the Dyer Arts Center.

Featured Exhibitions

In this exhibit, titled 50 Artists 50 Years, 50 alumni artists from all around the country have all come together to show that RIT/NTID has been a great source of influence and inspiration to countless students. Many of RIT/NTID’s students have graduated and gone on to do great things. 

This exhibition is a wonderful way to celebrate not only NTID’s 50 years of existence but also the thousands of students and alumni who have passed through the doors of LBJ Hall.  The artists in this exhibition are talented people who have fond memories of RIT/NTID and who, through their art, are now coming home. 

The exhibtion will open to the public on Friday, June 22.

Jennifer loved to travel and provided support for RIT/NTID study abroad experiences, and this endowed scholarship will continue her legacy.

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Gallery Hours 

We are closed until Friday, June 22.  Summer hours will be 10am to 2pm.  We will have special hours from 10am to 8pm from June 28 through June 30.

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