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Opening on Friday, March 9, Beyond Form: Non-Objective Art is the Dyer Arts Center's first attempt to bring together professional artists to showcase abstract artworks.  The exhibition represents 15+ Deaf artists with 80+ phenomenal pieces of artwork.  Artworks displayed come in  a variety of mediums including oil, wax, photography, canvas, polyester, pottery, wood, mixed media, acrylic, glass, and many more. 

Calling NTID alumni and current students to submit their works for the NTID 50th Anniversary exhibition at the Dyer Arts Center.  For more details, please go to this link: Call for Submissions

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Featured Events

Louise Stern and Oliver Pouliot will be presenting at NTID.  Sponsored by the Dyer Arts Center, Louise and Oliver will do a performance piece and discussion titled, "Interpreting the Communicative Interpreted".  The event will be on Thursday, March 29, starting at 12:20pm and ending at 1:45pm at Student Development Center 1300/1310 at NTID. 

Featured Exhibitions

Beyond Form: Non-Objective Art by Deaf Artists open on Friday, March 9 and run until Saturday, April 21.  Curated by guest curator, Brenda Schertz, Beyond Form explores non-objective art by Deaf artists in a wide range of media. This exhibit came into being after multiple conversations among Deaf modern art enthusiasts.

The diverse Deaf artists in this exhibit have demonstrated “visual poetry” through their masterful manipulation of and experimentation with texture, composition and color. Their works seem to take on a meditative power. Visual rhythm – through repetition or movement – seems to convey a sense of musicality. Sound is referenced, not as limited to an auditory experience, but as possibly a visual experience. Several artists make references to nature, and it is deeply ingrained in their work. Yet other artists look inwards, narrating personal journeys expressing truth, joy or sadness.  The pieces in the exhibit were chosen primarily for their aesthetic value.  Non-objective art provides viewers scope to use their imagination in interpreting what is – or is not – perceived in images beyond their form. We invite you to meditate upon this kaleidoscope of colors, compositions, shapes, and emotions.

Jennifer loved to travel and provided support for RIT/NTID study abroad experiences, and this endowed scholarship will continue her legacy.

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We are open Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 5pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, except during major holidays.

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