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Accelerated Degrees (4+1)


An accelerated 4+1 program allows students to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in five years of study. An example of a 4+1 at RIT is the Accelerated 4+1 MBA program.

NYSED Guidance

Registration is not required for institutions of higher education to advertise and offer students the following pathways to earning two degrees in less time:

  • Shared-credit combinations of registered programs offered by one, or more than one, institution; and
  • Admission and credit transfer articulation agreements between registered programs offered by one, or more than one, institution.

See additional guidance from NYSED.

Required Approvals

4+1 degree proposals are typically reviewed and approved by the department curricular committee. They do not require approval from the college curricular committee, ICC/Grad Council, Faculty Senate, RIT Provost or NYSED.

Considerations when Waiving Courses for a 4+1 Program

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