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College Exploration Program

A College Exploration Program is an undeclared option designed to allow students to complete undergraduate courses while actively pursuing career exploration. This option offers students the flexibility and time to explore a variety of majors within the university without delaying their graduation.

To create a new College Exploration Program, the following steps must be completed:

  • Proposal must be reviewed and approved by the College Curriculum Committee
    (note: a NYSED application is not required because College Exploration Programs are not degree programs)
  • Submit a proposal via email to the Office of the Provost ( using the College Exploration Program Proposal template which includes the following information:
    • Anticipated Start Term
    • Name
    • Description
    • Rationale
    • Table 1
    • Confirmation of approval by the Department
    • Confirmation of approval by College Curriculum Committee
    • Confirmation of approval by Enrollment Management
  • Review and approval by Office of the Provost
  • After review and approval, the Office of the Provost will:
    • Forward proposal to the Provost for review and approval
    • Submit program information to:
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