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  • New Immersions
    • General Education Requirements for Immersions
    • Immersion Proposal Form
    • Please note that before approval, ALL COURSES within the immersion must have been previously approved for General Education credit. To submit a series of courses for a General Education Immersion, the Immersion Approval Form must first be approved by the curriculum committees associated with the proposing academic unit(s), and then the college(s) or center(s) where the courses are offered. Once these approvals are in place, the Immersion Approval Form should be sent to the Chair of the General Education Committee.
    • Once the new immersion is approved by the General Education Committee (GEC), the GEC Chair will send the approved immersion proposal to the Office of the Provost.
    • The Office of the Provost will send the approved immersion proposal and an official campus notification to Marketing and Communications, Registrar's Office and the applicable college dean/associate dean. 
    • A new immersion page, with curriculum, will be added to the RIT Programs of Study website during the normal annual process.
    • The new immersion will be added to the fall undergraduate bulletin during the normal annual process. 
    • Students can take the immersion courses anytime (if they meet the pre/co-requisites) and declare the immersion later when it's available, provided that they are not in an excluded major.
  • Changes to Approved Immersions
    • Immersion Authorization/Change Form
    • List of Approved Immersions
    • All changes to an immersion must be approved by the appropriate academic unit(s) curriculum committee(s), the college curricular committee(s) and then submitted to the current chair of the General Education Committee (GEC)  to ensure that all courses have been approved as Gen Ed courses.
    • Approved changes to an immersion will be reflected on the updated curriculum table that is submitted by the college during the annual bulletin process. At that time, the following updates will occur: update to immersion's program page on the RIT Programs of Study websitesubsequent fall undergraduate bulletins.
  • Discontinuing an Immersion
    • Let your College Curriculum Committee know you want to discontinue an immersion.
    • College Curriculum Committee follows their normal procedures for review.
    • College Curriculum Committee notifies College GEC Committee representative.
    • College General Education Committee (GEC) representative notifies the GEC chair of the request to discontinue the immersion.
    • The GEC committee discontinues the immersion and notifies the Office of the Provost.
    • The Office of the Provost will notify the following RIT offices: Registrar, Marketing and Communications.



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