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Requirements for a Minor:


  • General Education Requirements for Immersions
  • Immersion Proposal Form
  • Changes to Approved Immersions
    • All changes to an immersion should go to the General Education Committee (GEC) (adding or deleting courses included) and should ideally also be reviewed by the curriculum committee of the college that offers it.  That way the added courses can be checked to make sure they have been approved as Gen Ed courses, and the information can then be communicated to the Registrar’s office and to the Provost’s office by the GEC. 

Immersion Authorization/Change Form


  • Current General Education Spreadsheet of approved courses
  • Submitting a course for Gen Ed Approval
  • Submitting an Immersion for Gen Ed Approval
  • Discontinuing Immersions
    • Let your College Curriculum Committee know you want to discontinue an immersion
    • College Curriculum Committee follows their normal procedures for review
    • College Curriculum Committee notifies College GEC Committee representative
    • College General Education Committee (GEC) representative notifies the GEC chair of the request to discontinue the immersion
    • The GEC committee discontinues the immersion and notifies the Registrar and the Office of the Vice Provost
  • FAQ's about Immersions and Minors
  • List of Approved Immersions
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