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Deactivating or Discontinuing a Minor

  1. The deactivation or discontinuance request must be reviewed and approved by the department curriculum committee.
  2. If the department and the dean are in agreement about deactivating or discontinuing, send a memo to the Office of the Provost requesting that deactivation or discontinuance occur.  In that memo, include the following;
    • Rationale for deactivation or discontinuance
    • Timing of deactivation or discontinuance
    • Plan for how current students in the minor will be able to complete the minor
  3. The Office of the Provost will review and approve the deactivation or discontinuance request.
  4. If the request is approved, the Office of the Provost will notify:
    • The Provost 
    • The Registrar's Office 
    • University Creative Writing and Design Services 
    • The Dean and Associate Dean for the applicable college
    • The Department Chair for the program in which the minor resides
    • The Chair of ICC 
  5. After approval,
    • If the Minor is being deactivated, it will be moved to the "Deactivated and Discontinued" section of the Programs of Study website during the annual bulletin process and will not be published in marketing materials or future undergraduate bulletins.
    • If the Minor is being discontinued, it will be removed from the Programs of Study website during the annual bulletin process. It will also be removed from all marketing materials and future undergraduate bulletins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
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