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Immersions are a series of three related general education courses. The nine credit hour immersion requirement supports deeper learning within a focus area, and also provides opportunities for integrative learning through pedagogical approaches such as linked courses, team-teaching, and trans- and interdisciplinary experiences.

In many cases, an immersion can lead to a Minor with the addition of two courses.  All students need to declare an immersion, but minors are optional.  Please note that not all minors have a corresponding immersion and vice-versa.  Visit the university catalog for a complete list of all minors offered at RIT.

To declare an immersion, log in to SIS and click on the My Academics link on the left side navigation bar. Once you enter that menu, select the link that says Declare/Change Immersion. Select an immersion from the drop-down menu and click submit. You will receive a confirmation message that the immersion has been added to your student record.

Contact List

Immersion Associated Minor (optional) Contact
Advertising and Public Relations (ADVPUB-IM) Advertising and Public Relations
Africa and the Diaspora (AFRICA-IM) Not Offered
American Arts (AMARTS-IM) American Art
American Politics (AMPOLI-IM) American Politics
American Sign Language and Deaf Cultural Studies(ASLDCS-IM) American Sign Language and Deaf Cultural Studies
Applied Statistics (APSTAT-IM) Applied Statistics  Bernie Brooks
Archaeology (ARCHAE-IM) Archaeological Science
Art History (ARTHIS-IM) Art History Paul Muenzer
Astronomy (ASTRO-IM) Astronomy Andrew Robinson
Biology (BIOL-IM) Biology: Cellular and Molecular
Biology: Ecology and Evolution
Rosanne Klingler
Chemistry (CHEM-IM) Chemistry Jeremy Cody
Communication (COMM-IM) Communication
Creative Writing (CRWRIT-IM) Creative Writing
Criminal Justice (CRIM-IM) Criminal Justice
Cultural Anthropology (ANTH-IM) Sociology & Anthropology
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media (DIGLIT-IM) Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
Diversity in the U.S. (DIVUSA-IM) Not Offered
Economics (ECON-IM) Economics
English (ENGLISH-IM) English
Environmental Studies (ENVIST-IM) Environmental Studies
Ethics (ETHICS-IM) Ethics
Film Studies (FILMST-IM) Film Studies
Geographical Information Studies (GIS-IM) Not Offered
Global Justice and Peace Studies (GLOJUST-IM) Not Offered
Globalization Theory (GLOBALT-IM) Not Offered
Health and Culture (HEALTH-IM) Not Offered
History (HISTORY-IM) History
Human Language Technology and Computational Linguistics (HLTCL-IM) Not Offered
International Relations (INTLREL-IM) International Relations
Journalism (JOURNAL-IM) Journalism
Language Science (LANGSCI-IM) Language Science
Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies (LATINST-IM) Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies
Legal Studies (LEGAL-IM) Legal Studies
Liberal and Medical Arts (LIBMA-IM) Not Offered
Linguistic Anthropology (LNGANTH-IM) Not Offered
Mathematics (MATH-IM) Mathematics
Modern Languages and Cultures - Arabic ARABIC-IM) Modern Language - Arabic
Modern Languages and Cultures - Chinese (CHINESE-IM) Modern Language - Chinese
Modern Languages and Cultures - French (FRENCH-IM) Modern Language - French
Modern Languages and Cultures - German (GERMAN-IM) Modern Language - German
Modern Languages and Cultures - Italian (ITALIAN-IM) Modern Language - Italian
Modern Languages and Cultures - Japanese (JAPAN-IM) Modern Language - Japanese
Modern Languages and Cultures - Portuguese (PORTUGE-IM) Modern Language - Portuguese
Modern Languages and Cultures - Russian (RUSSIAN-IM) Modern Language - Russian
Modern Languages and Cultures - Spanish (SPANISH-IM) Modern Language - Spanish
Museum Studies (MUSEUM-IM) Museum Studies
Music (MUSIC-IM)

Music and Technology
Music Performance
Native American Science and Technology (NATECH-IM) Not Offered
Philosophy (PHIL-IM) Philosophy
Physics (PHYSICS-IM) Physics Dawn Hollenbeck
Political Science (POLS-IM) Political Science
Psychology (PSYC-IM) Psychology
Public Policy (PUBPOL-IM) Public Policy
Religious Studies (RELST-IM) Not Offered
Renaissance Studies (RENAISS-IM) Not Offered
Science and Technology Studies (SCITEC-IM) Science, Technology, and Society
Science of Film, Photography, and Imaging (SCIMGS-IM) Not Offered Paul Muenzer
Social Inequalities (SOCINEQ-IM) Not Offered
Text and Code (TEXTCD-IM) Not Offered
Theater Arts  (THEATR-IM) Not Offered
Urban Studies (URBANST-IM) Urban Studies
Visual Culture (VISUALC-IM) Visual Culture
Women's and Gender Studies (WGST-IM) Women's and Gender Studies