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Immersions are a series of three related general education courses. The nine credit hour immersion requirement supports deeper learning within a focus area, and also provides opportunities for integrative learning through pedagogical approaches such as linked courses, team-teaching, and trans- and interdisciplinary experiences.

In many cases, an immersion can lead to a Minor with the addition of two courses.  All students need to declare an immersion, but minors are optional.  Please note that not all minors have a corresponding immersion and vice-versa.  Visit the university catalog for a complete list of all minors offered at RIT.

To declare an immersion, log in to SIS and click on the My Academics link on the left side navigation bar. Once you enter that menu, select the link that says Declare/Change Immersion. Select an immersion from the drop-down menu and click submit. You will receive a confirmation message that the immersion has been added to your student record.

View RIT's Immersions and Minors