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FAQs - New Degree Program Intent Document and Process

FAQs - New Degree Program Intent Document and Process

Questions Answers
The Program Intent Document asks for program structure. How detailed do you expect that description to be? Do we need to provide information about required core courses and tracks? We are looking for a more general description of the structure at this stage of the process. If the intent document is approved then a more detailed structure will need to be provided.
Can we include Table 1s or any attachments or appendices to the Intent Document? At this stage of the process we do not need Table 1s or any attachments.
Will the feedback be submitted anonymously? The campus feedback will be collected via Qualtrics and we do ask for identifying information -  name and email address – in case there is follow-up needed. This is consistent with what we did in the previous process.
Will the entire community be able to see the submitted feedback? The entire campus community will not see the feedback. The Provost is the only person who views both the feedback and respondent name.
Will the new program proposers have an opportunity to see the submitted feedback and respond? The Provost will reach out to the new program proposers and the Dean to respond to the feedback as needed.
Are Certificates and Advanced Certificates also part of the new process or are you intending this only for new degree programs? New Certificate and Advanced Certificate proposals will NOT go through the New Degree Program Intent process.







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