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Associate Degree

  • Associate Degree - Definition and Requirements: 
    • NYSED stipulates that: Associate degree programs shall normally be capable of completion in two academic years of full-time study, or its equivalent in part-time study, with an accumulation of not less than 60 semester credit hours.
    • Minimum Credit Hours:
      • AAS: 60 semester credit hours
      • AS: 60 semester credit hours
    • Faculty Requirements:
      • Faculty members teaching at the certificate, associate degree, and baccalaureate levels must hold at least a master’s degree in an appropriate field and have the background for in-depth teaching, curriculum development, and program evaluation responsibilities.
      • Certain occupational specializations may merit demonstration of competence alternative to a master’s degree. In all institutions, faculty with master’s degrees and beyond, and with substantial collective experience in college teaching and academic administration should be strongly predominant.
      • At least one faculty member teaching in each curriculum at the baccalaureate level must hold an earned doctorate in the discipline of the major of the proposed program.
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