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NYSED Registration - FAQs

NYSED Application for Registration of a New Program Form FAQs

Q:  Who chooses and approves the HEGIS Code for new programs?
A:  Provide your best estimate for an appropriate HEGIS Code. You may use the NYSED list of HEGIS Codes for guidance.

Q:  The Academic Affairs website says to submit the new course outlines as a Word doc, but the State form says they should be a PDF. Which one should I send?
A:   Please send new course outlines to the Office of the Provost as a word document.  Our office will convert to a PDF document when it is ready to be submitted to NYSED.

Q:  Can I attach the Outcomes Assessment Plan separately? It doesn’t look like it can be cut and pasted into the form. 
A:   You can attach the assessment plan. Label it as Attachment I.  In the appropriate spot on the NYSED Form reference “SEE ATTACHMENT I”

Q:   Can other documents be attached to the NYSED Application for Registration of a New Degree Program form?
A:   Yes, other attachments may be added.  Please number them sequentially and indicate on the Application Form in the section requiring the attachment to “SEE ATTACHMENT #”.

Q:    Do I have to rekey/retype all the information into Table 1a and the Faculty tables 2-4? I noticed that the cut and paste doesn’t move formatting like tables.                
A:   You can cut and paste, however, you may have to do 1 line at a time.  Paste your responses into the grayed out portion of the table for each entry.

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