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Elizabeth Kronfield

Associate Professor
Department of Fine Arts
College of Art and Design

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Kronfield, Elizabeth. “History & Community.” Western Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art. Missoula, MT. 6 May 2010. Keynote Address.


Kronfield, Elizabeth. Western Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art. Elizabeth Kronfield & Matthew Wicker. Montana Museum of Art & Culture. Missoula, MT. 6-29 May 2010. Exhibition. ≠

Kronfield, Elizabeth, Francesca Lalanne, Karen Donnellan, Zak Helenske, Brittany Kinard, William Tighe, Mary Catherine Richardson. Furnace Crew for the performance and filming of a 25 ton iron casting for Matthew Barney’s “Khu.” Detroit, MI. 2 October 2010. Performance/Film. †

Kronfield, Elizabeth. Intercollegiate Iron Pour. Salem Art Works. Salem, NY. 25 Sept. 2010. Visiting Artist. †

Kronfield, Elizabeth. “Iron Conference,” Six Mile Sculptureworks. Granite City, IL. 17 - 20 Nov. 2010. Exhibition.

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