Andy Buck

Andy Buck

College of Art and Design
School for American Crafts

2019 Submissions


Buck, Andy. World Wood Day. Mar. 2019. Open Air Museum, Graz, Austria. Exhibit. ≠

Buck, Andy. Solo Exhibition, "Receipt". Feb. 2019. Patton-Mallott Gallery, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass/Aspen. Exhibit.

Buck, Andy. Bauhaus Seen. Jun. 2019. Carbondale Arts, Carbondale, CO. Exhibit.

Buck, Andy. 66th Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition. Jul. 2019. Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester. Exhibit.

Buck, Andy. Featured Artist. May 2019. Arbor Tech Tools, Rochester. Exhibit. ˆ

Museum Collection Acquisition

Buck, Andy. Seeing Spots. Wood, Paint. Racine Museum of Art. (2019). £

Buck, Andy. "Hampelmann". Wood, Paint. International Wood Culture Society. (2019). £

National/International Competition Award Winner

Buck, Andy. Memorial Art Gallery. Edler Louis D\'Amanda Award. Rochester, New York, 2019. £ ≠

2017 Submissions

Full Length Book

Buck, Andy and Carl Adamshick. Receipt. 1 ed. Sandpoint, ID: Lost Horse Press, 2017. Print.


Buck, Andy. "Minding the Gap" Research and Creativity Exhibition. Mar. 2017. University Gallery, RIT, Rochester. Exhibit.

Buck, Andy. "New Work". Oct. 2017. Foyer Gallery, School of Art & Design, Australian National University, Canberra. Exhibit.

Buck, Andy. "Inside Stories"/ Solo Exhibition. Nov. 2017. Gallery NAGA, Boston. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Buck, Andy. "A Personal Look Behind the Sketches and Thoughts of an Artist." Post Rochester. (2017). Print.

Kiley, Rich. "Author Spotlight: Andy Buck." Athenaeum. (2017). Print.

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Buck, Andy. "Slappin' On the Paint"." Brown Bag Lecture Series. CIAS, RIT. Rochester, NY. 1 Mar. 2017. Lecture.

Buck, Andy. "Visiting Critic Lecture." Winter Lecture Series. Anderson Ranch Art Center. Snowmass, CO. 5 Dec. 2017. Lecture.

Buck, Andy. "Artist Talk." School of Art and Design. Australian National University. Canberra, AU. 20 Sep. 2017. Lecture.

Museum Collection Acquisition

Buck, Andy. Totem. Wood, Paint. Australian National University. (2017).

2014 Submissions


Buck, Andy. Featured Work. 20 Nov. 2014. SOFA Exposition, Navy Pier- Represented by Aspen Grove Gallery & Anderson Ranch Art Center, Chicago. Exhibit. ≠

Buck, Andy. Spring Exhibition. 29 May 2014. Pritam & Eames, East Hampton, NY. Exhibit.

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Buck, Andy. "Creating Volume and Form." Public Lecture Series, Schemer Meeting Hall. Anderson Ranch Art Center. Snowmass, CO. 8 Jun. 2014. Lecture. ≠

Buck, Andy and Michael Rogers. "Artist Collaboration." Art Department. University of Wisconsin. Steven's Point, WI. 10 Feb. 2014. Lecture. ≠

2013 Submissions


Buck, Andy. "Across the Grain": Highlights from the Collection. Apr. 2013. Fuller Museum, Brockton, MA. Exhibit.

Buck, Andy. New Furniture. May 2013. Pritam & Eames, East Hampton, NY. Exhibit.

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Buck, Andy. “Creating Volume and Form in Wood.” Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Snowmass Village, CO. June 2010. Invited Lecture/Workshop.


Buck, Andy. “Mr. Red in international traveling exhibition.” Boxes and Their Makers. Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA. 21 Aug. 2010 - 31 Oct. 2011. Exhibition.

Buck, Andy. EMMA International Collaboration, in conjunction with Saskatchewan Craft Council. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. 26 July - 2 Aug. 2010. Invited Exhibition/Collaboration.

Buck, Andy. Carved Headboard, Invitational Exhibition. Pritam & Eames The Gallery of Original Furniture. East Hampton, NY. May 2010. Exhibition.

Buck, Andy. Walled Mirrors, in Invitational Exhibition. Pritam & Eames The Gallery of Original Furniture. East Hampton, NY. Oct. 2010. Exhibition.