Alan Singer

Alan Singer

College of Art and Design
School of Art

2021 Submissions

Full Length Book

Singer, Alan, Anne C. Coon, and Rebecca Rafferty. WheelHouse. first edition ed. Rochester, New York: ArtVoices Art Books, 2021. Print. ˆ

2019 Submissions

Published Review

Rafferty, Rebecca. "Alan Singer Presents \"Shapely\" art Axom Gallery." Rev. of Color of Thought, by Mary Ann Towler. City Newspaper 19 Feb. 2019: 16. Print.

2018 Submissions


Singer, Alan. Professor. 12 Jan. 2019. Axom Gallery, Rochester. Exhibit.

Singer, Alan. Professor. 1 Dec. 2018. Axom Gallery, Rochhester. Exhibit.

2017 Submissions

Full Length Book

Singer, Alan and Paul D. Singer. Arthur Singer, Wildlife Art of an American Master. first edition ed. Rochester, NY: RIT Press, 2017. Print. ˆ


Singer, Alan. Cloud and Void. 2-3 Dec. 2017. UES Gallery, New York City. Exhibit.

Singer, Arthur. Arthur Singer, Wildlife Art. Aug. 2017. University Gallery at RIT, Rochester. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Rosenberg, Gigi. "Make the Most of a Professional Conference." Professional Artist Magazine. (2017). Print. ∆

2016 Submissions

Invited Paper

Singer, Alan and Rebecca Rafferty. "Mathematics." ARTVOICES. (2016). Web. ∆

Singer, Alan. "Alan Singer Printmaking." Create Magazine. (2016). Print. ∆


Singer, Alan. Professor. Sept 18 Dec. 2016. Windsor Whip Works, Windsor, New York. Exhibit.

2015 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Singer, Alan. "Fireworks and Response." Bridges, Baltimore 2015. (2015). Print. ∆

2014 Submissions

Full Length Book

Singer, Alan and Anne C. Coon. Slice of Life, Paintings and Prints by Alan Singer. 1 ed. Rochester, NY:, 2014. Print.

Published Conference Proceedings

Singer, Alan. "Visualizing Mathematical Forms." Proceedings of the BRIDGES. Ed. Robert Fathauer and Nathan Selikoff. Seoul, South Korea, South Korea: Tesselations Publishing, Print. ≠


Singer, Alan. A Visual Life. 7 Nov. 2014. Spectrum Gallery at Lumiere Photo, Rochester. Exhibit.

Singer, Alan. The Power of Flowers. 6 Apr. 2014. Ock Hee's Gallery, Honeoye Falls, NY. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Singer, Alan. "Growing Up With Art." POST Magazine. (2014). Print.

Singer, Alan. "Interview with Alan Singer." ARTiculAction. (2014). Web.

2013 Submissions


Singer, Alan. Professor. 11 Sep. 2013. Ock Hee Gallery, Honeoye Falls, New York. Exhibit.

2010 Submissions


Singer, Alan. “Cornucopia.” Ock Hee Gallery. Honeoye Falls, NY. 25 Sept.- 6 Nov. 2010. Exhibition. É 

Singer, Alan. “Re-Inspired: An Artistic Navigation of the Erie Canal.” Traveling exhibition at these three venues: World Canal Conference, Rochester, NY; Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Folsom Library, Troy, NY; Italian Cultural Institute, New York, NY. Sept. - Dec. 2010. Exhibition. É