Tony Wong

Tony Wong

Assistant Professor
College of Science
School of Mathematical Sciences

2023 Submissions

Journal Paper

Childs, Meghan Rowan and Tony E Wong. "Assessing parameter sensitivity in a university campus COVID-19 model with vaccinations." Infectious Disease Modelling 8. 2 (2023): 374-389. Web. *

Tedeschi, Mason N., et al. "Improving models for student retention and graduation using Markov chains." PLoS ONE 18. 6 (2023): 1-14. Web. *

2022 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wong, Tony E., et al. "MimiBRICK.jl: A Julia package for the BRICK model for sea-level change in the Mimi integrated modeling framework." Journal of Open Source Software 7. 76 (2022): 4556. Web. ˜

Srikrishnan, Vivek, et al. "Uncertainty analysis in multi-sector systems: Considerations for risk analysis, projection, and planning for complex systems." Earth’s Future 10. (2022): 15. Web. *

Hough, Alana and Tony E Wong. "Analysis of the Evolution of Parametric Drivers of High-End Sea-Level Hazards." Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography. (2022): 117–134. Web. *

Wong, Tony E., et al. "Evidence for Increasing Frequency of Extreme Coastal Sea Levels." Frontiers in Climate. (2022): 1-12. Web. *

Wong, Tony E., et al. "Sea Level and Socioeconomic Uncertainty Drives High-End Coastal Adaptation Costs." Earth's Future 10. (2022): e2022EF003061. Web. *

Rennert, Kevin, et al. "Comprehensive Evidence Implies a Higher Social Cost of CO2." Nature. (2022): 1-42. Web. *

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wong, Tony E, et al. "Evaluating the Sensitivity of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rates on College Campuses to Wastewater Surveillance." Infectious Disease Modelling 6. (2021): 1144-1158. Web. *

Wong, Tony E, et al. "A Tighter Constraint on Earth-System Sensitivity from Long-Term Temperature and Carbon-Cycle Observations." Nature Communications 12. (2021): 1-8. Web. *

Invited Article/Publication

Wong, Tony E. "If Everyone on Earth Sat in the Ocean at Once, How Much Would Sea Level Rise?" The Conversation. (2021). Web. ∆

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Vega‐Westhoff, Ben, et al. "Impacts of Observational Constraints Related to Sea Level on Estimates of Climate Sensitivity." Earth's Future 7. 6 (2019): 677-690. Web. *

Brady, E., et al. "The Connected Isotopic Water Cycle in the Community Earth System Model Version 1." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 11. 8 (2019): 2547-2566. Web. *

Invited Article/Publication

Wong, Tony E. "Lasting Coastal Hazards from Past Greenhouse Gas Emissions." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2019). Web. * ∆