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Scholarly Works

Andrew Davidhazy

2010 Submissions

Published Book

Davidhazy, Andrew. Fotored - Fotografias por Miembros de la Lista Fotored. Rochester, NY: Andrew Davidhazy, 2010. Print.

Davidhazy, Andrew. 2010 Annual SPAS Faculty Exhibition. Rochester, NY: Andrew Davidhazy, 2010. Print.

Davidhazy, Andrew. Chicago Lights. Rochester, NY: Andrew Davidhazy, 2010. Print.


Davidhazy, Andrew. 30 Technical and Scientific Photographs Exhibition. Optical Society of America, Rochester Chapter, Rochester, NY. 27 April 2010. Exhibition.

Davidhazy, Andrew. “Interactive demonstration of “Flashing Lights” and an Exhibition of 12 high speed photgraphs.” Optical Society of America E-Day (Education Day), Rochester, NY. 27 October 2010. Exhibition.

Davidhazy, Andrew. “Peripheral Photography.” Black Mountain North Symposium. Innovation Center, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. 2 October 2010. Interactive Demonstration.

Davidhazy, Andrew. “Visualizing the Invisible,” A Satellite Event of the USA Science and Engineering Festival organized by Lockheed Martin Corporation, Washington, DC. 23 Oct. 2010. Exhibition/Lecture.

Davidhazy, Andrew. Traveling Exhibition of Technical Photographs, at these three venues: Danbury Public Schools, Danbury, CT; The Hockaday School, Dallas, TX; Lively District Secondary School, Lively, ON, Canada. October - December, 2010. Exhibition.

Davidhazy, Andrew. Stress, It is Hot in Here, Oil on Pavement and Twisted Tops. 2010 Annual SPAS Faculty exhibition. RIT SPAS Photo Gallery, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. 15 - 30 April 2010. Exhibition.

Davidhazy, Andrew. Watching Traffic Coming and Going. 2010 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. 25 April 2010. Online Exhibition.

Published Article

Davidhazy, Andrew. 3 photographs included in Findings on Elasticit,(2010): 128-129. Print.

Davidhazy, Andrew. "Rolling Shutter Artifacts in Digital Cameras." Fuji TV Network. Japan. 29 October 2010. Television Interview.

Davidhazy, Andrew, R. Graves and JM Johnson. Rev. of slit scan photography in “Time Warp,” by Laurence Chen. American Photo, Nov./Dec. 2010: 66-74. Print.

Davidhazy, Andrew. Illustration of a Sneeze in Shuku Kubo, Takanori Tomozawa, Masayo Kakuta, Akane Tokumitsu, and Makoto Yamashita. “Laninamivir Prodrug CS-8958, a Long Acting Neuraminidase Inhibitor, Shows Superior Anti-Influenza Virus Activity after a Single Administration.” Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 54. 3 (2010): 1256-1264. Web.

Davidhazy, Andrew. Cover photograph for the book, Lynden-Bell, Ruth M. Water and Life: The Unique Properties of H20. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, (2010): Print.

Davidhazy, Andrew. String Photograph, in “String Theory,” by Ben Miller. Eureka, Science Supplement to the London Times, 4 Jan. (2010): 34-40. Print.

Formal Presentation

Davidhazy, Andrew. “Smear, Streak, Strip Time Machines.” High Speed Imaging Seminar. Lancaster, CA. 15-18 Nov. 2010. Presentation.

Davidhazy, Andrew. “Adventures in Strip and Streak Photography.” 2010 International Conference: DIY Design: Threat or Opportunity?. Portland, OR. 4-7 August 2010. Presentation.