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Scholarly Works

Charles Bigelow

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Legge, Gordon E. and Charles A. Bigelow. "Does Print Size Matter for Reading? A Review of Findings from Vision Science and Typography." Journal of Vision 11. 5 (2011): 1-22. Web. * ∆

Bigelow, Charles, et al. "Sustainable by Design: An Investigation into Ecologically Friendly Typography." A Research Monograph of the Printing Industry Center at RIT. PICRM-2011-03 (2011): 1-16. Print. ∆

Published Conference Proceedings

Bigelow, Charles and Steve Matteson. "Font Improvements in Cockpit Displays and Their Relevance to Automobile Safety." Proceedings of the SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Program, October 20-21, Dearborn, MI. Ed. M. Goldfarb. NYC, NY: Society for Information Display, 2011. Print. ˜

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Bigelow, Charles, Dealva-Jade Dowd Hinkle, Daniel Horowitz, and Garret Voorhees. “Sustainable by Design: An Investigation into Ecologically Friendly Typography.” Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Center Symposium. Rochester, NY. 18 November 2010. Presentation.

Bigelow, Charles, Massimo Vignelli, and R. Roger Remington. “Two on Two: Design and Typography.” The Future of Reading Conference. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. 12 June 2010. Presentation.

Published Article

Bigelow, Charles, Gordon E. Legge, Bosco S. Tjan, and Susana T.L. Chung. “Do Image Descriptions Underlie Word Recognition in Reading?” British Journal of Psychology, 101:1 (2010): 33—39. Print.