Carol De Filippo

Carol De Filippo

National Technical Institute for the Deaf
MSSE - Research

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Gottermeier, Linda G., et al. "User Evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems for Deaf-Hearing Interactions at School and Work." Audiology Today. (2016): In press. Print. *

Published Review

DeFilippo, Carol L. "When Is Auditory Training Not Just Learning How to Listen? A Holistic Model of Training Functional Auditory-Based Communication." Rev. of Auditory [Re]Habilitation for Adolescents With Hearing Loss: Theory and Practice, by Jill Duncan, Ellen A. Rhoades, and Elizabeth M. Fitzpatrick. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 5 Sep. 2015: 1. Web. ˜

Manuscripts Submitted for Publication

Gottermeier, Linda G., Carol De Filippo, and Catherine Clark. "Bimodal Stimulation Following Long-term Unilateral CI Use: Are We Employing the Standard of Care?" 21 Sep. 2015. TS - typescript (typed). *

Uninvited Presentations

Gottermeier, Linda L., et al. "Automatic Speech Recognition Systems as Tools to Enhance Spoken Communication in the Classroom." New York Cyber Security and Engineering Technology Association (NYSETA). National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Rochester, NY. 22 Oct. 2015. Conference Presentation. ˜

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Gottermeier, Linda G. and Carol De Filippo. "Early-Onset Deafness: Functional Speechreading Assessment." Audiology Today 26. 6 (2014): 24-32. Print. £

Uninvited Presentations

Clark, Catherine and Carol De Filippo. "Cochlear Implant Training with Fading Visual Cues for Prelingually Deaf Adults." Audiology NOW. American Academy of Audiology Conference. San Antonio, TX. 25 Mar. 2015. Conference Presentation. *

2013 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

DeFilippo, Carol Lee and Marianne Gustafson. "Early-Term Student Feedback to Improve Teaching Effectiveness: Best Practices." Proceedings of the 30th Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference, San Antonio, February 2013. Ed. Kathryn Harth. Manhattan, KS: Kansas State University, Print. ˜

Internal Reports/Manuscripts/Articles

Task-Force-on-Student-Ratings, Academic Affairs Committee. "A University-Wide System of Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness" [RIT Academic Affairs Committee of Academic Senate]. Rochester, NY: RIT Academic Affairs Committee, 21 Mar. 2013. Print.

Task-Force-on-Student-Ratings, Academic Affairs Committee. "Steps to Establishing an Effective System of Student Ratings: Academic Affairs Committee Supplemental Report" [RIT Academic Affairs Committee of Academic Senate]. Rochester, NY: RIT Academic Affairs Committee, 21 Mar. 2013. Print.

Student-Ratings-Survey-Advisory-Group, NTID. "NTID SRS Advisory Group Initiative on Early-Term Feedback: Report of Activities" [NTID Academic Affairs]. Rochester, NY: NTID Student Ratings Survey (SRS) Advisory Group, 29 Mar. 2013. Print.

Uninvited Presentations

DeFilippo, Carol and Catherine Clark. "Promoting Auditory Skill Development for Prelingually Deaf Adults through Intensive Training with Reduced Visual Speech Cues." Seventh International Adult Aural Rehabilitation Conference. Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation. St. Pete Beach, FL. 20 May 2013. Conference Presentation. ˜

DeFilippo, Carol and Miriam Santana. "Math Learning through Online Homework Helps by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students." 2013 CAID NATIONAL CONFERENCE. National Technical Institute for the Deaf-Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, NY. 27 Jun. 2013. Poster Session. ˜

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

De Filippo, Carol. “Audiology Course.” PEN-International Teacher Education Institute. NTID at RIT, Rochester, NY. June 2010. Invited Lecture.