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Scholarly Works

Christopher Lewis
Assistant Professor

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Pratchayanan, Danaya, et al. "Thermomechanical Insight into the Reconfiguration of Diels–Alder Networks." Journal of Rheology 61. 6 (2017): 1359-1367. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Bruce, Austin C. and Christopher L. Lewis. "Influence of Glass Transition Temperature on Mechanical and Self-Healing Behavior of Polymers Bearing Hindered Urea Bonds." Proceedings of the SPE ANTEC® Anaheim 2017 (May 8-10, 2017). Ed. Edwin Tam (ANTEC® Technical Program Chair). Anaheim, CA: n.p., Web. *

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lewis, Christopher L. and Elizabeth M. Dell. "A Review of Shape Memory Polymers Bearing Reversible Binding Groups." JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE, PART B: POLYMER PHYSICS 54. 14 (2016): 1340–1364. Print. *

Meng, Yuan, et al. "Photoinscription of Chain Anisotropy into Polymer Networks." Macromolecules 49. 23 (2016): 9100–9107. Print. *

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lewis, Christopher L., Yuan Meng, and Mitchell Anthamatten. "Well-Defined Shape-Memory Networks with High Elastic Energy Capacity." MACROMOLECULES 48. 14 (2015): 4918-4926. Print. *