Christopher Valant

Christopher Valant

Golisano Institute for Sustainability
Research Centers

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Valant, Christopher J, Nenad G Nenadic, and Gabrielle Gaustad. "Characterizing Large-Scale, Electric-Vehicle Lithium Ion Transportation Batteries for Secondary Uses in Grid Applications." Batteries, an Open Access Journal by MDPI 5. 1 (2019): NA. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Valant, Christopher J, et al. "Evaluation of 1D CNN Autoencoders for Lithium-ion Battery Condition Assessment Using Synthetic Data." Proceedings of the Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the PHM Society. Ed. N. Scott Clements, Bin Zhang, and Abhinav Saxena. Scottsdale, Arizona: PHM Society, 2019. Print. *