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David Schwartz
Associate Professor

2017 Submissions

Book Chapter

Tomaszewski, Brian, et al. "GIS and Serious Games." Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems. Ed. T.J. Cova and M.-H. Tsou. Atlanta, GA: Elsevier, 2018. 369-383. Print. «

Published Conference Proceedings

Tomaszewski, Brian and David I. Schwartz. "Critical Spatial Thinking and Serious Geogames: A Position." Proceedings of the AGILE 2017 Workshop on Geogames and Geoplay. Ed. Christoph Schlieder. Wageningen, Netherlands: GEO-C, 2017. Web. *

Pan, Yin, Sumita Mishra, and David I. Schwartz. "Gamifying Cybersecurity Course Content for Entry Level Students." Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. Ed. Michael E Caspersen, et al. Seattle, WA: ACM, 2017. Web. «

Published Game, Application or Software

Schwartz, David I., Yin Pan, and Sumita Mishra. IPAR. Game. RIT and NSF. 2017.

2016 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Tomaszewski, Brian, David I. Schwartz, and Jorg Szarzynski. "Crisis Response Serious Spatial Thinking Games: Spatial Think Aloud Study Results." Proceedings of the ISCRAM 2016 Conference Proceedings — 13th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. Ed. A. Tapia, et al. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: ISCRAM, 2016. Print. *

Invited Article/Publication

Pan, Yin, et al. "Gamifying Cybersecurity Modules for Entry Level Students." CISSE 21st Colloquium. (2016). Web. *

2015 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Pan, Yin, Schwartz, David I., and Mishra, Sumita. "Gamified Digital Forensic Course Modules for Undergraduates." Proceedings of the Proc. of the 5th IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference. Ed. Susan Donohue and Ashutosh Dutta. Princeton, NJ: n.p., 2015. Web. *

2012 Submissions

Book Chapter

Selinger, Evan, et al. "Using Sustainability Games to Elicit Moral Hypotheses From Scientists and Engineers." Rethinking Climate Change Research: Clean-Technology, Culture, and Communication. Ed. Jespersen Per Homann, Soren Riis, and Pernille Almlund. London, UK: Ashgate, 2012. 117-139. Print. * ∆

Published Conference Proceedings

Critelli, Matt, David I. Schwartz, and Steven Gold. "Serious Social Games: Designing a Business Simulation Game." Proceedings of the Games Innovation Conference (IGIC). Ed. Al Biles. Rochester, NY: IEEE, 2012. Web. *

Pan, Yin, et al. "Game-based Forensics Course For First Year Students." Proceedings of the SIGITE 12, Proceedings of the 13th annual conference on David I. Schwartz Curriculum Vitae p. 3 of 20 Information technology education. Ed. ACM. NY, NY: ACM, 2012. Web. *

Published Game, Application or Software

Schwartz, David I., et al. StoreWorld. Game. Facebook. 2012. ˜ † ≠

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Schwartz, David I. "Marketing Your Games." Rochester Sci-Fi Convention. Rochester Sci-Fi Convention. Rochester, NY. 22 Sep. 2012. Guest Lecture.

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Schwartz, David I. "Teaching Students to Make Alternative Game Controllers." Journal of Game Design and Development Education. (2011): 18-24. Web. *

Book Chapter

Schwartz, David I. and Jessica Bayliss. "The Ethics of Reverse Engineering of Game Technology." Designing Games for Ethics: Models, Techniques and Frameworks. Ed. Karen Schrier. : IGI Global, 2011. 110-127. Print. «

Schwartz, David I. and Jessica Bayliss. "Unifying Instructional and Game Design." Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games. Ed. Patrick Felicia. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2011. 192-214. Print. «

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Schwartz, David I. "Breaking Into The Game Industry." Videogame Mania. The National Museum of Play. The National Museum of Play, Rochester, NY. 5 Nov. 2011. Lecture. ∆

Schwartz, David I. "Breaking Into The Game Industry." Rochester Sci-Fi/Anime Convention. Rochester Sci-Fi/Anime Convention. Rochester Sci-Fi/Anime Convention, Rochester, NY. 25 Sep. 2011. Guest Lecture. ∆

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Ey, M., J. Pietruch, and D. I. Schwartz. “Oh-No! Banjo.” A Case Study in Alternative Game Controllers, Proceedings of Future Play 2010, 2010. 215-218. Print. ≠ *