Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Lawrence

Kate Gleason College of Engineering
The John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics

2014 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Fedorovskaya, Elena A. and Daniel R. Lawrence. "Identifying Image Preferences Based on Demographic Attributes." Proceedings of the Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIX. Ed. Bernice E. Rogowitz, Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas, and Huib de Ridder. Bellingham, Washington: SPIE, 2014. Print. £

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lawrence, Daniel R. "The Analysis of Survey Data: Extracting Pre-Determined Solutions from Multidimensional Data." Journal of Unified Statistical Techniques Vol. 1. No. 1 (Inaugural) (2013): 9-13. Web. ∆

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Lawrence, Daniel. "Constrained Dual Scaling: The Analysis of Ordered-Choice Data Subject to a Polychotomous Incidence Criterion Item." 2010 International Meeting of the Psychometric Society. The Psychometric Society. Athens, GA. 6-9 July 2010. Presentation.