David Ross

David Ross

College of Science
School of Mathematical Sciences

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Bridget, M. Torsey, Steven J. Weinstein, David S. Ross, Nathaniel S. Barlow,. "The Effect of Pressure Fluctuations on the Shapes of Thinning Liquid Curtains." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 910. A38 (2021): 1-15. Print. £

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Thurston, George M., et al. "On Non-Monotonic Dependence of Phase Separation Properties on Molecular Interaction Parameters." Biophysical Journal 118. 3 (2020): 1-9. Web. £

Wong, Tony E., et al. "Evaluating the Sensitivity of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rates on College Campuses to Wastewater Surveillance." medRxiv. (2020): 1-5. Web. £

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Weinstein, Steven, et al. "On oblique liquid curtains." Journal of Fluid Mechanics Rapids 876. R3 (2019): 1-9. Web. £

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Ross, David S., Khamir Mehta, and Antonio Cabal. "Mathematical Model of Bone Remodeling Captures the Antiresorptive and Anabolic Actions of Various Therapies." Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 79. 1 (2017): 117-142. Print. £

Wahle, C.W., et al. "Model for Screened, Charge-Regulated Electrostatics of an Eye Lens Protein: Bovine GammaB-Crystallin." Physical Review E 96. 3 (2017): 1-25. Print. £

Bell, Michael M., et al. "Statistical-Thermodynamic Model for Light Scattering from Eye Lens Protein Mixtures." Journal of Chemical Physics 146. (2017): 1-32. Print. £

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Ross, David S., Kara L. Maki, and Emily K. Holtz. "Existence Theory for the Radically Symmetric Contact Lens Equation." SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 76. 3 (2016): 827-844. Print. £

Caniga, Michael, et al. "Preclinical Experimental and Mathematical Approaches for Assessing Effective Doses of Inhaled Drugs, Using Mometasone to Support Human Dose Predictions." Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery 29. 4 (2016): 362—377. Print. £

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Brooks, B. P., N. DiFonzo, and D. S. Ross. "The GBN-Dialogue Model of Outgroup-Negative Rumor Transmission: Group Membership, Belief, and Novelty." Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences 17. 2 (2013): 269-293. Print. «

Huang, J., et al. "Quantitative Measurement of Tear Film Dynamics with Optical Coherence Tomography and a Maximum-Likelihood Estimator." Optics Letters 38. 10 (2013): 1721-1723. Print. «

Cabal, A., et al. "A Semi-Mechanistic Model of the Time-Course of Release of PTH into Plasma Following Administration of the Calcilytic JTT-305/MK-5442 in Humans." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 28. 8 (2013): 1830-1836. Print. *

DiFonzo, N., et al. "Rumor Clustering, Consensus, and Polarization: Dynamic Social Impact and Self-Organization of Hearsay." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 49. 3 (2013): 378-399. Print. *

Golen, E., et al. "An Underwater Sensor Allocation Scheme for Non-Circular Sensing Coverage Regions." ISRN Sensor Networks 2013. (2013): 963029. Web. *

Wahle, Chris, David S. Ross, and George Thurston. "Methods for Light Scattering Free Energy Determination for Restricted Composition Domains in Ternary Liquid Mixtures." Journal of Chemical Physics 139. (2013): 124114. Print. *

Huang, Jinxin, et al. "Maximum-likelihood Estimation in Optical Coherence Tomography in the Context of the Tear Film Dynamics." Biomedical Optics Express 4. 10 (2013): 1806-1816. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Ross, David S., et al. "Dynamics of Cell Signaling and PTH Treatments for Ostoporosis." Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series B 17. 6 (2012): 2185-2200. Print. ∆

Wahle, Chris, David S. Ross, and George Thurston. "On the Design of Experiments for Determining Ternary Mixture Free Energies from Static Light Scattering Data using a Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation." Journal of Chemical Physics 137. (2012): 34201. Print.

Wahle, Chris, David S. Ross, and George Thurston. "On Inferring Liquid-Liquid Phase Boundaries and Tie Lines from Ternary Mixture Light Scattering." Journal of Chemical Physics 137. (2012): 34203. Print.

Wahle, Chris, David S. Ross, and George Thurston. "Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Quaternary Liquid Mixing Free Energy Measurement Using Light Scattering." Journal of Chemical Physics 137. (2012): 34202. Print.

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Agyingi, E., D. S. Ross, and K. Bathena. "Transmission Dynamics of Leismaniasis." Journal of Biological Systems 19. 2 (2011): 237-251. Print. £

Published Conference Proceedings

Agyingi, E., D. S. Ross, and S. Maggelakis. "Modeling the Effect of Topical Oxygen Therapy on Wound Healing." Proceedings of the Advances in Mathematical and Computational Methods. Ed. I. Kotsireas, R. Melnik, and B. West. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics, 2011. Print. £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Agyingi, Ephraim, S. Maggelakis, and D.S. Ross. “The Effect of Bacteria on Epidermal Wound Healing.” Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena, 5.3 (2010): 28-39. Print. *

Hollenbeck, Dawn., K. Martini, A. Langner, A. Harkin, D. Ross, G. Thurston. “Model for Evaluating the Patterned Charge Regulation Contribution to Electrostatic Interactions between Low Dielectric Spheres”. Physical Review E, 82 (2010): 0314021-03140213. Print. É  *

Ross, David. “The Inverse Trochoid Problem.” Journal of the Franklin Institute, 347 (2010): 1281-1308. Print. «

Lutzer, Carl., and D. Ross. “The Dynamics of Embedded-Charge Microenergy Harvesting.” Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, 5.2 (2010): 0210041-0210049. Print. É  «