Ted Kinsman

Ted Kinsman

Associate Professor
College of Art and Design
School of Photographic Arts & Sciences

2021 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Kinsman, Ted. "Light Painting Photos with a Geometric Drawing Machine." petapixel.com. (2021). Web. ∆

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Kinsman, Ted. "Micrometeorite Hunter One Man’s Search for Tiny Cosmic Visitors just Underfoot turns up Photogenic Specimens." Sky and Telescope magazine. Febuary (2020): 36-42. Print. ∆

2019 Submissions

Invited Paper

Kinsman, Ted. "How to Age Film for the Distressed Look. or How to NOT Store Your Film." Petapixal.com. (2019). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "A Simple and Inexpensive Schlieren Optical System Using a Fresnel Lens." Petapixal.com. (2020). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "How to Photograph Flowers Splashing in Milk with an Infrared Laser." Petapixal.com. (2019). Web. ∆

2018 Submissions

Full Length Book

Kinsman, Ted. Cannabis: Marijuana under the Microscope. 1st ed. Lancaster, Pa.: Schiffer Publishing, 2108. Print.

Invited Paper

Kinsman, Ted. "This is how to “photograph” with the sunlight by scorching wood." diyphotography.net. (2018). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "How a Fun Guy Goes to the Woods and Photographs Glowing Mushrooms." petapixel.com. (2018). Web. ∆


Kinsman, Ted. Cannabis Leaf Trichomes. 2018. BioImages 2018:, Hillsborough, NC 27278. Exhibit.

Kinsman, Ted. Electrophotography Discharge image of a Bee Balm Flower. 2018. bca.org, Hillsborough, NC 27278. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Kinsman, Ted. "Zapping Film with Electricity: How to Make Spark Patterns in Photos." petapixel.com/. (2018). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "How to capture electric sparks on film." diyphotography.net. (2018). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "How to Capture Heat on Camera Without Expensive Optics." petapixel.com. (2018). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "How to Photograph Mysterious Floating Scrabble Letters." petapixel.com. (2018). Web. ∆

2017 Submissions

Book Chapter

Peres, Michael. "Scanning Electron Microscopy." Laboratory Imaging & Photography: Best Practices for Photomicrography & More (Applications in Scientific Photography). New York and London, New York: Focal Press, 2017. 249-268. Print.

Invited Paper

Kinsman, Ted. "How to Photograph the Power of a Punch : using polarized light to analyze the dynamics of karate punch." Petapixel.com. (2017). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "Use Polarized Lighting Techniques to Capture Cool Color Effects." petapixel.com. (2017). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "The Role of the Slit-Scan Image in Science and Art." Petapixel.com. (2017). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "Emulate Slit Scan Photography for Beautifully Weird Images." makezine.com. (2017). Web. ∆

Kinsman, Ted. "Emulate Slit Scan Photography for Beautifully Weird Images." www.diyphotography.net. (2017). Web. ∆

Invited Article/Publication

Kinsman, Ted. "Build a Simple Cocktail Drinkbot with Arduino." makezine.com. (2017). Web. ∆