Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Tomkiewicz, Alex C, Cory D Cress, and Brian J Landi. "Enhanced Saltwater Stability of CNT Wires Under Electrical Bias." Carbon 168. (2020): 180-192. Web. *

Leggiero, Anthony P, et al. "Platinum Nanometal Interconnection of Copper–carbon Nanotube Hybrid Electrical Conductors." Carbon 168. (2020): 290-301. Web. *

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McIntyre, Dylan J, et al. "The Electrochemical Society, find out more Integrated Titanium-Carbon Nanotube Conductors via Joule-Heating Driven Chemical Vapor Deposition." The Electrochemical Society 97. 7 (2020): 321. Web. *