Eric Hittinger

Eric Hittinger

Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Public Policy

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hittinger, Eric Pareis, Eric. "Emissions effects of energy storage for frequency regulation: Comparing battery and flywheel storage to natural gas." Energies 14. 3 (2021): 549. Print. £

Hittinger, Kanwal Shahid, Eric. "Techno-economic optimization of food waste diversion to treatment facilities to determine cost effectiveness of policy incentives." Journal of Cleaner Production 279. (2021): 122634. Print. £ ≠

Elenes, Simon Sandler, Eric Williams, Eric Hittinger, Alejandro. "The nonlinear shift to renewable microgrids: Phase transitions in electricity systems." International Journal of Energy Research 45. 2 (2021): 3016-3030. Print. £ ≠

Hittinger, Eric. "The Sound of a New Discipline Being Born: Macro-Energy Systems." Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports 8. 1 (2021): 1-3. Print. ∆

Azevedo, Naga Srujana Goteti, Eric Hittinger, Brian Sergi, Inês Lima. "How does new energy storage affect the operation and revenue of existing generation?" Applied Energy 285. (2021): 116383. Print. £ ≠

Tibebu, Tiruwork B, et al. "What is the optimal subsidy for residential solar?" Energy Policy 155. (2021): 112326. Print. £ ≠

Hittinger, Brian Tarroja, Eric. "The value of consumer acceptance of controlled electric vehicle charging in a decarbonizing grid: The case of California." Energy 229. (2021): 120691. Print. £

Williams, Rexon Carvalho, Eric Hittinger, Eric. "Payback of natural gas turbines: A retrospective analysis with implications for decarbonizing grids." Utilities Policy 73. (2021): 101307. Print. £

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Sirbu, Anatole Desreveaux, Alain Bouscayrol, Elodie Castex, Rochdi Trigui, Eric Hittinger, Gabriel-Mihai. "Annual variation in energy consumption of an electric vehicle used for commuting." Energies 13. 18 (2020): 4639. Print. £ ≠

Ronnenberg, Eric Williams, Rexon Carvalho, Eric Hittinger, Matthew. "Empirical development of parsimonious model for international diffusion of residential solar." Renewable Energy 150. (2020): 570-577. Print. £ ≠

Williams, Saptarshi Das, Eric Hittinger, Eric. "Learning is not enough: Diminishing marginal revenues and increasing abatement costs of wind and solar." Renewable Energy 156. (2020): 634-644. Print. £ ≠

Ciez, Eric Hittinger, Rebecca E. "Modeling costs and benefits of energy storage systems." Annual Review of Environment and Resources 45. (2020): 445-469. Print. ∆ £

Sirbu, Anatole Desreveaux, Eric Hittinger, Alain Bouscayrol, Elodie Castex, Gabriel Mihai. "Techno-economic comparison of total cost of ownership of electric and diesel vehicles." IEEE Access 8. (2020): 195752-195762. Web. £ ≠

Book Chapter

Wiser, Martin Junginger, Eric Hittinger, Eric Williams, Ryan. "Onshore wind energy." Technological learning in the transition to a low-carbon energy system. Europe, US: Academic Press, 2020. 87-102. Print. ∆

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Chen, Ashok Sekar, Eric Williams, Eric Hittinger, Roger. "How behavioral and geographic heterogeneity affects economic and environmental benefits of efficient appliances." Energy Policy 125. (2019): 537-547. Print. £

Hittinger, Courtney N Smith, Eric. "Using marginal emission factors to improve estimates of emission benefits from appliance efficiency upgrades." Energy Efficiency 12. 3 (2019): 585-600. Print. £

Jaramillo, Eric Hittinger, Paulina. "Internet of Things: Energy boon or bane?" Science 364. 6438 (2019): 326-328. Print. £

Williams, Naga Srujana Goteti, Eric Hittinger, Eric. "How much wind and solar are needed to realize emissions benefits from storage?" Energy Systems 10. 2 (2019): 437-459. Print. £ ≠

Williams, Ranjit R Desai, Roger B Chen, Eric Hittinger, Eric. "Heterogeneity in economic and carbon benefits of electric technology vehicles in the US." Environmental science & technology 54. 2 (2019): 1136-1146. Print. £ ≠

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

McConky, B Amoroso, E Hittinger, K. "Keeping your cool–A multi-stakeholder look at AC sizing." Building and Environment 131. (2018): 306-329. Print. £

Hittinger, Jawad Siddiqui, Eric. "Forecasting price parity for stand-alone hybrid solar microgrids: an international comparison." Energy Systems 9. 4 (2018): 953-979. Print. £

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hittinger, Eric. "Distributed generation: Residential storage comes at a cost." Nature Energy 2. 2 (2017): 1-2. Web. ∆

Hittinger, Matthew J Hoffman, Eric. "Inventory and transport of plastic debris in the Laurentian Great Lakes." Marine pollution bulletin 115. 1-2 (2017): 273-281. Web. £

Siddiqui, Eric Hittinger, Jawad. "The challenging economics of US residential grid defection." Utilities Policy 45. (2017): 27-35. Print. £ ≠

Williams, Eric Williams, Eric Hittinger, Rexon Carvalho, Ryan. "Wind power costs expected to decrease due to technological progress." Energy Policy 106. (2017): 427-435. Print. £ ≠

Azevedo, Eric Hittinger, Inês ML. "Estimating the quantity of wind and solar required to displace storage-induced emissions." Environmental Science & Technology 51. 21 (2017): 12988-12997. Print. £ ≠

Hittinger, Laura M Arciniegas, Eric. "Tradeoffs between revenue and emissions in energy storage operation." Energy 143. (2017): 1-11. Print. £

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hittinger, Nathaniel Heck, Courtney Smith, Eric. "A Monte Carlo approach to integrating uncertainty into the levelized cost of electricity." The Electricity Journal 29. 3 (2016): 21-30. Web. £

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hittinger, Eric, et al. "Evaluating the Value of Batteries in Microgrid Electricity Systems Using an Improved Energy Systems Model." Energy Conversion and Management. 89 (2015): 458-472. Print. £ ≠

Hittinger, Eric and Roger Lueken. "Is Inexpensive Natural Gas Hindering the Grid Energy Storage Industry?" Energy Policy. 87 (2015): 140-152. Print. £

Hittinger, Eric S. and Iníªs M. L. Azevedo. "Bulk Energy Storage Increases US Electricity System Emissions." Environmental Science and Technology 49. 5 (2015): 3203-3210. Print. £

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hittinger, E., et al. "Profitability of CCS with Flue Gas Bypass and Solvent Storage." International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 27. (2014): 279-288. Print. «