Giovanna Potesta

Giovanna Potesta

Assistant Professor
Golisano Institute for Sustainability

2018 Submissions

Book Chapter

Potesta, Giovanna. "Smart Cities and Place Making; The "Sense of Place" in the Implementation of Smart Cities in the Arabian Gulf." Smart Cities in the Gulf. Current State, Opportunities, and Challenges. Ed. Wael A. Samad and Elie Azar. Singapore, Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. 223-246. Print. *

2016 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Making of Sustainable Cities." Summit on Science and Technology - Enablement for the Sustainable Development Goals. New York Academy of Science. New York City, NY. 29 Nov. 2016. Conference Presentation. ∆

Potesta, Giovanna and Jules Chiavaroli. "A New Life for American Cities. Urban Strategies and Community Engagement." Scholarship of Engagement Symposium. University of Kansas. Lawrence, KA. 20-21 Oct. 2016. Conference Presentation. *

Potesta, Giovanna. "Looking for a New Downtown in American Cities:." Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Urban Space. Universita di Firenze. Florence, Italy. 27-28 Jun. 2016. Conference Presentation. *

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Making of a New Neighborhood in Florence, Italy." Congress for the New Urbanism - New York Chapter. Community Design Center Rochester - AIA Rochester. Rochester, NY. 21-22 Apr. 2016. Lecture. ∆

2015 Submissions

Full Length Book

Giovannini, Paolo and Giovanna Potesta'. San Donato a Novoli: da area industriale a centralita' urbana. 1 ed. Florence, Italy: Polistampa, 2004. Print. £

Published Conference Proceedings

Potesta, Giovanna. "Making Successful Urban Places: An A Posteriori Critique of the Area Ex- Fiat in Florence." Proceedings of the Future of Places, 06/28-07/01, Stockholm. Ed. Sustasis Foundation, Portland, OR. Portland, OR: Sustasis, Web. *

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Traditional Urban Fabric of Florence: a Comparison between different Conservation Philosophies." Proceedings of the Conference on Architectural Conservation. Ed. Municipality of Dubai. Dubai, EAU, Arabian Emirates: Municiplaity of Dubai, 2012. Print. *


Weber, Bruce. "Bruce Weber, Secret Love". By Adolfo Natalini and Giovanna Potesta'. Sep. 2006. Palazzo Spini Feroni Ferragamo, Florence. Exhibit.

John, Elton. "Elton John: Metamorphosis". By Adolfo Natalini and Giovanna Potesta'. Sep. 2006. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy. Exhibit.

Varous, . Progetti Area ex FIAT Novoli. By Camillo Bodini and Giovanna Potesta'. Apr. 2003. Urban Center, Foundling Hospital, Piazza SS Annunziata, Florence, Italy. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Potestí , Giovanna. "I Viaggi del Signor N Architetto." Firenze Architettura. (2004). Print. ∆

External Scholarly Fellowships/National Review Committee

1/1/2000 - 5/30/2003
     University of Florence and Immobiliare Novoli SpA
     Amount: 60.000 ˜

2/15/2016 - 3/15/2016
     International Association of Traditional Environment, Berkeley, CA
     Amount: 0 «

11/11/2015 - 4/1/2016
     Rochester Chapter New Urbanism
     Amount: 0

1/23/2016 - 5/10/2016
     Rochester Community Design Center
     Amount: 0

1/20/2015 - 3/20/2015
     University of Florence, Italy
     Amount: 0

11/1/2014 - 11/1/2015
     Kuwait University
     Amount: 15.000 * ≠

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Collective Space of Commerce between Identity and Globalization in Kuwait." International Journal of Architecture and Design 25. 2 (2014): 1116-1126. Print. * £

2013 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Collective Space of Commerce in Kuwait between Identity and Globalization." Proceedings of the Constructed Environment. Ed. University of Champaign, IL. Lisbon, Portugal: n.p., 2013. Web. *

National/International Competition Award Winner

Potestí , Giovanna. Kuwait University Research Sector. Excellency in Research. Kuwait, Kuwait, 2013. *

2012 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Potesta', Giovanna. "The Design of Commercial Spaces in the Northern Arab Peninsula." Proceedings of the ASCE Conference. Ed. ASCE. Fort Worth, Texas: ASCE, 2012. Web. *

External Scholarly Fellowships/National Review Committee

5/1/2012 - 5/1/2013
     Kuwait University
     Amount: 10.000 « ≠

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Potesta, Giovanna and Mohammad Khalid Al-Jassar. "Occidentalism, a Middle Eastern approach on a European Theme of Urban Design." Constructed Environment Journal 1. 3 (2011): 141-148. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Deconstruction of a City." Proceedings of the Sguardi sulle Citta' in Trasformazione. Ed. University of Bologna. Imola, Italy: La Mandragora, 2011. Print. ∆

Invited Article/Publication

Potesta, Giovanna. "Giuseppe Poggi e la nascita della Cittí  Borghese." Il Nuovo Corriere di Firenze. (2011). Print. ∆

2010 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Potesta, Giovanna and Mohammad K Al-Jassar. "Constructed Environment." Proceedings of the Venice, Palazzo Querini Stampalia, November 2010. Ed. University of Champaign, IL. Venice, Italy: n.p., 2010. Web. *


Architects, Giovanna Potesta with Michelizzi. New Church Madonna delle Grazie in Lodi. Jan. 2010. CEI, Piazza di Porta San Giovanni 10, Rome. Exhibit.