Irina Mikhalevich

Irina Mikhalevich

Assistant Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Philosophy

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Mikhalevich, Irina and R. Powell. "Minds Without Spines: Evolutionarily Inclusive Animal Ethics." Animal Sentience 29. 1 (2020): N/A. Web. *

Mikhalevich, Irina and R. Powell. "Affective Sentience and Moral Protection." Animal Sentience 29. 35 (2020): N/A. Web. £

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Powell, Russell, et al. "Convergent Minds: The Evolution of Cognitive Complexity in Nature." Journal of the Royal Society, Interface Focus 3. 3 (2017): 20170029. Print. £

Book Chapter

Mikhalevich, Irina. "Simplicity in Cognitive Models: Avoiding Old Mistakes in New Experimental Contexts." The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Animal Minds. Ed. Kristin Andrews and Jacob Beck. London, England: Taylor & Francis, 2017. 427-436. Print. ˜

Invited Paper

Mikhalevich, Irina. "Consciousness, Evidence, and Moral standing." Animal Sentience. (2017). Web. ∆

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Mikhalevich, Irina, Russell Powell, and Corina Logan. "Is Behavioral Flexibility Evidence of Cognitive Complexity? How Evolution Can Inform Comparative Cognition." Journal of the Royal Society, Interface Focus. (2017): 20160121. Print. «

Mikhalevich, Irina and Russell Powell. "Sex, Lies and Gender." Journal of Medical Ethics 43. 1 (2016): 14-16. Print. £

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Mikhalevich, Irina. "Experiment and Animal Minds: Why the Choice of the Null Hypothesis Matters." Philosophy of Science 82. 5 (2015): 1059-1069. Print. «

Mikhalevich, Irina. "Honor Among (the Beneficiaries of) Thieves." Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 18. 2 (2015): 385—402. Print. «

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

(\"Meketa\"), Irina Mikhalevich. "A Critique of the Principle of Cognitive Simplicity in Comparative Cognition." Biology and Philosophy 29. 5 (2014): 731—745. Print. *