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Scholarly Works

Julie Thomas
Assistant Professor

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

He, Xinyi and Victoria Hull, Julie A. Thomas, Xiaoqing Fu, Sonal Gidwani, Yogesh K. Gupta, Lindsay W. Black and Shuang-yong Xua. "Expression and purification of a single-chain Type IV restriction enzyme Eco94GmrSD and determination of its substrate preference." Scientific Reports 5. (2015): 9747. Print. *

Hardies, Stephen C. and Julie A. Thomas, Lindsay Black, Susan T. Weintraub, Chung Y. Hwang, Byung C. Cho. "Identification of structural and morphogenesis genes of Pseudoalteromonas phage φRIO-1 and placement within the evolutionary history of Podoviridae." Virology 489. (2015): 116-127. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Thomas, Julie A. and Coll, A., Bosch, M., Adams, L., Benitez, D., Aguilera, E., Coulibaly, A., Cheng, N., Wu, W., Steven, A.C., Weintraub, S.T., Hardies, S.C. and Black, L.W. "Exploiting Mutational Surrogacy to Study Head Morphogenesis of Giant PhiKZ-related Phages." Evergreen International Phage Meeting. Evergreen State College. Olympia, Washington. 6 Aug. 2015. Conference Presentation.