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Joel Shore
Senior Lecturer

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Shore, Joel D. and George M. Thurston. "Charge-regulation phase transition on surface lattices of titratable sites adjacent to electrolytesolutions: An analog of the Ising antiferromagnet in a magnetic field." Physical Review E 92. (2015): 062123-1 to 062123-15. Print. *

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Kondakova, M. E., J.C. Deaton, T.D. Pawlik, D.J. Giesen, D. Y. Kondakov, R. H. Young, T.L. Royster, D.L. Comfort, and J.D. Shore. “Highly efficient fluorescent-phosphorescent triplet-harvesting hybrid organic light-emitting diodes.” Journal of Applied Physics, 107 (2010): 014515. Print. ≠*

Halpern, J.B., C. M. Colose, C. Ho-Stuart, J. D. Shore, A. P. Smith,and J. Zimmermann. “Comment on ‘Falsification of the atmospheric CO2 greenhouse effects within the frame of physics.’” International Journal of Modern Physics B, 24 (2010): 1309-1332. Print. *

Cok,R. S. and J. D. Shore. “White-emitting OLED devices in an RGBW format with microelement white subpixels.” Journal of the Society for Information Display, 18 (2010): 621-628. Print. ≠ *