John Edlund

John Edlund

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Psychology

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Landy, Justin F., John E. Edlund, and Eric L. Uhlmann. "Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests: Making transparent how design choices shape research results." Psychological Bulletin 146. 5 (2020): 451-479. Print. *

Nichols, Austin Lee and John E. Edlund. "When New Methods Only Aggravate Old Problems: The Case of Careless Participants." International Journal of Social Research Methodology 23. 6 (2020): 625-638. Print. *

Heider, Jeremy D., et al. "Perceptions and Understanding of Research Situations as a Function of Consent Form Characteristics and Experimenter Instructions." Methods in Psychology 2. 10015 (2020): 1-9. Print. *

Hartnett, Jessica L. and John E. Edlund. "Critical Thinking and Discussion Boards in Undergraduate Research Methods." Currents in Teaching and Learning 12. 1 (2020): 56-64. Print. *

Edlund, John E. "Exam Wrappers in Psychology." Teaching of Psychology 47. 2 (2020): 156-161. Print. *

Beck-Dincher, Cassandra D., Katherine Lawrence, and John E. Edlund. "Difference in Attraction Towards Tattooed and Non-tattooed Individuals." North American Journal of Psychology 22. 4 (2020): 555-576. Print. *

Anglin, Stephanie M. and John E. Edlund. "Perceived Need for Reform in Field-Wide Methods and the Teaching of Replication, Interpretation, and Transparency." Psychology Learning and Teaching 19. 1 (2020): 60-76. Print. *

Eberesole, Charlie, John E. Edlund, and Brian Nosek. "Many Labs 5: Testing Pre-Data-Collection Peer Review as an Intervention to Increase Replicability." Advances in Methods and Practice in Psychological Science 3. 3 (2020): 309-331. Print. *

2019 Submissions

Full Length Book

Edlund, John E. and Austin Lee Nichols. Advanced Research Methods for the Social and Behavioral Sciences. 1 ed. London, NA: Cambridge University Press, 2019. Print.

Journal Paper

Buck, Ashley E., et al. "Journal of Positive Sexuality, Vol. 5, No. 2, October 2019 © 2019 Center for Positive Sexuality Reactions to Homosexual, Transgender, and Heterosexual Public Displays of Affection." Journal of Positive Sexuality 5. 2 (2019): 34-47. Print. «

Edlund, John E., et al. "Male Sexual Jealousy: Lost Paternity Opportunities?" Psychological Reports 122. 2 (2019): 575-592. Print. «

Edlund, John E., et al. "Psi Chi Is Engaging Undergraduate Students in Publishable Research." Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research 24. 1 (2019): 12-14. Print. «

Sutton, Tina M. and John E. Edlund. "Assessing Self-Selection Bias as a Function of Experiment Title and Description: The Effect of Emotion and Personality." North American Journal of Psychology 21. 2 (2019): 407-422. Print. «

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

M, O’Donnell, Edlund J. E., and Sackett K. "Registered Replication Report: Dijksterhuis & van Knippenberg (1998)." Perspectives on Psychological Science 13. 2 (2018): 268-294. Print. «

J.E, Edlund,. "Sex Differences in Jealousy: The (Lack of) Influence of Researcher Theoretical Perspective." Journal of Social Psychology 158. 5 (2018): 515-520. Print. «

R, McCArthy, and Edlund, J.E. "An Investigation of Abstract Construal on Impression Formation: A multi-lab replication of McCarthy and Skowronski (2011)." International Review of Social Psychology 18. 1 (2018): 1-6. Print. «

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Edlund, J. E. and A.E. Edlund. "Contextual Effects on Abortion Decisions: A Short Report." North American Journal of Psychology 16. 1 (2014): 159-163. Print. «

Edlund, J. E., et al. "Experimenter Characteristics and Word Choice: Best Practices When Administering an Informed Consent." Ethics and Behavior 24. 5 (2014): 397-407. Print. «

Edlund, J.E. and A.L. Nicolas. "Contribution to Alonga et al." Perspectives on Psychological Science 9. 5 (2014): 556-578. Print. «

Edlund, J.E. and B.J. Sagarin. "The Mate Value Scale." Personality and Individual Differences 64. 1 (2014): 72-77. Print. «

Edlund, J.E., et al. "The Prevalence and Prevention of Crosstalk: A Multi-institutional Study." Journal of Social Psychology 154. 3 (2014): 181-185. Print. «

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Edlund, John and Jessica L. Hartnett. "Second Life in the Psychology Classroom: Teaching and Research Possibilities." International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies 3. 1 (2013): 47-56. Print. *

Edlund, John, Cory R. Scherer, and Jeremy D. Heider. "Cultural Stereotypes and Personal Beliefs About Individuals with Dwarfism." Journal of Social Psychology 153. 1 (2013): 80-97. Print. *

Edlund, John E., Bettina Zengel, and Brad J. Sagarin. "Sex Differences in Jealousy in Response to Infidelity: Evaluation of Demographic Moderators in a National Random Sample." Personality and Individual Differences 54. 1 (2013): 47-51. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Nichols, Austin Lee and John Edlund. "Predicting And Preventing Participant Crosstalk: A Multi-Institutional Investigation." Second International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences. Middlesex University Dubai. Dubai, UAE. 27 Nov. 2013. Conference Presentation. *

Heider, J. D., et al. "Factors Influencing Participant Comprehension and Task Performance: Instructional Detail and Form Complexity." Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Society for Personality and Social Psychology. New Orleans, LA. 17-19 Jan. 2013. Conference Presentation. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Edlund, J.E. "Sex Differences in Jealousy: A Meta-Analytic Examination." Evolution and Human Behavior 33. (2012): 595-614. Print. *

Edlund, J.E. "Trait Expectancies and Stereotype Expectances Affect Person Memory Similarly in a Jury Context." Journal of Social Psychology 152. 5 (2012): 613-622. Print. *

Sagarin, B.J., et al. "Sex Differences in Jealousy: A Meta-Analytic Examination." Evolution and Human Behavior 33. (2012): 595-614. Print. * £

Scherer, C.R., et al. "Trait Expectancies and Stereotype Expectancies Affect Person Memory Similarly in a Jury Context." Journal of Social Psychology 152. (2012): 613-622. Print. * £

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Edlund, John E. "Jealousy Reconsidered: A Reply to DeSteno (2010)." Evolutionary Psychology 9. (2011): 116-117. Web. * «