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Scholarly Works

John Roche
Associate Professor

2011 Submissions

Full Length Book

Roche, John. Road Ghosts. 1st ed. Palmyra, NY: theenk Books, 2011. Print.

Published Review

Roche, John. "Hugh Fox, Approaching: Poems of Brazil." Rev. of Approaching: Poems of Brazil, ed. Diane Smith. Gray Sparrow Journal May 2011: 1. Web. £

2010 Submissions


Roche, John and Eddie Swayze. ”Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam.” Park Point, Henrietta, NY. 6 Feb. 2010. Performance.

Roche, John. ”Linebreakers: Poetry, Music, Dance.” Physikos Studio, Village Gate, Rochester, NY. 7 Sept. 2010. Performance.

Roche, John. Poetry. Black Mountain North Symposium. RITZ Sports Zone, SAU, RIT. 2 Oct. 2010. Performance. †

Roche, John. Poetry. Albany Social Justice Center, Albany, NY. 16 Sept. 2010. Performance. ≠

Editor (book or journal)

Roche, John. Preface. Black Mountain to Crooked Lake: Poems 1948-2010, with a Memoir of Black Mountain College. NY: FootHills Publishing, n.p. 2010. Print.